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Homemade Harmonicas (for you!)

The first thing I did when I received the latest volume of Alphabet Glue, was to read through the booklists and request a bunch of books from the library as I always do.  I love being able to walk in the door of the library, check out my big stack of holds, and know that my kids will have lots of good reading in the following weeks (all with very little effort on my part!)

As soon as I printed this volume, my kids started pouring through the pages looking for the project ideas they knew they would find inside.  My older kids have been making the popsicle stick harmonicas from volume 13 for the past couple of weeks.  They have enjoyed tweaking the design and trying different variations.  Yesterday, it was time for me to sit down with my younger three so that they could make their own harmonicas as well.  Both girls helped with the making, and while Silas mainly just dumped water and rubber bands all over the table, he thought he was helping too.

Today Annie and I are teaming up to share this project with all of you.  You can download a pdf with instructions for making your own popsicle stick harmonicas here.
Annie is also generously offering a 20% discount on all Alphabet Glue purchases through Sunday, June 23rd.  Use the code “smallthings” at checkout.  Have fun!

Alphabet Glue Volume Thirteen