Archives for June 17, 2013



Larkspur’s Sunday Sweater is blocked and ready for buttons.  I also finished knitting a little dress for her bunny.  Now I am working on one for Beatrix’s bunny.  Knitting for bunnies is fun.  I have so many knitting projects swimming around in my head these days.  Last night it was feeling a little crazy in here and I told Jonny that I needed to sit back and close my eyes and just think about knitting for a few minutes.  That helped, but actually getting up, doing some straightening, and putting everyone to bed helped even more.

A few weeks ago, Jonny answered an ad offering guinea eggs for sale.  He bought ten of them for one of our hens who was broody, thinking it would be fun if she actually hatched some guineas for us.  (Don’t ask me why.  We made a firm decision not to get guineas for various very good reasons last year.)  The eggs were due to hatch any day now, and mama hen was doing a fine job of sitting on them;  until a couple of days ago when we noticed she wasn’t sitting on them anymore.  They were cold, and we assumed she had given up.  But then, to our further dismay, we discovered a trail of feathers next to the chicken coop and realized that she didn’t actually abandon her eggs, she was dragged off of them by a predator.  We are all so sad for her, and so disappointed that the story ends this way.  It’s just so tragic.

On a happier note, there are new kittens in our neighbor’s barn.  Silas calls them “Em-Em’s.”  The kittens are far from being ready to leave their mama, but the begging has already commenced.

Oh, and that is a rough sketch above of the window seat that Jonny is going to put in our living room sometime in the near future.  If all goes as planned, there will be an observation hive included.  We’re excited. I bought Jonny a stack of books, many of them bee related, for Father’s Day.  I think he was pleased.

I’ll show you what I am making with the pretty yarn on the swift on Wednesday!