Through the Woods

After spending far too many days staying still and quiet, we decided to venture out into the woods behind our house for a slow, but long walk through the woods.

We visited old homesites and wondered about the people who lived there long ago.

We listened to owls, and said hello to a turtle.

We searched for morels around the bases of tulip poplar trees, but only found four.

We talked about trees, and the ones that are easy to identify by their bark alone, such as the persimmon.

We watched for orchids, and saw a few “showy orchids” in bloom.

We visited the beaver pond and said hello to a family of geese.  Last time they visited, the boys saw mama sitting on eggs.  This time there were newly hatched goslings.

We caught a frog.  Beatrix held it in her hand and demanded “Say, ribbit.”  She repeated her command several times before asking me if frogs have ears.  Unsure, I said, “Yes.”

“Say Ribbit!”  Next she asked me where frogs’ ears are.  I told her, “Behind their eyes.”

“Just like people?” she asked.

“Yes, just like people,” I answered.

Say Ribbit!!

The frog remained silent, and was soon released.

Slowly, slowly, we walked home through the woods.

Once home, I googled, “Do frogs have ears?”  This is what I found.  I’ll share with Beatrix and explain that they must just not speak English.


  1. I’ve been meaning for almost 2 weeks to come back to this post because of the pictures in the woods. I finally found time to slow down enough to just look at them slowly. LOVE them.

  2. What a beautiful blog !

  3. Your photography is amazing. I want to come back here when I have a little more time so I can really study your pictures!

  4. So beautiful, bravo ! I love your blog !

  5. These are gorgeous pics! It makes me feel like I went with you! So much fun!

  6. so cute !

  7. I just found your blog…I was clicking around and came upon you somehow. It is a lovely place to land…I’ve really enjoyed reading through your older posts. I love your ideas, the way you think and the way you write.

    My son had a pet frog when he was younger and I can remember him knocking on the aquarium trying to get him to ‘ribbit’ also! Thanks for a fun memory. 🙂

    xo Sarah

  8. Bridget says:

    Hi, I know this is a completely bizarre-o question but does Beatrice bite her nails? They look short in the pics. My daughter does and I worry about it. I havent been able to get her to stop. Have you had any experience with this and your kids? Full disclosure- I bite my nails. I am sure that is where she got it from but I can’t help but wonder if my daughter is anxious. Thanks, Bridget

    • Beatrix does, and so does my oldest son. They are also my least laid back children, so I’m sure it’s related. So far Beatrix doesn’t seem anxious like my oldest son is though. She is very bright though and full of energy and in general she likes to pick at things–I am surprised she didn’t pick the glue off her recent head injury! I don’t worry about the nail biting (and I was a major nail biter as a kid too. Not so bad now.)

  9. What a wonderful walk! And I have learned so much following along from my armchair. And I just know that when questions arise here about frogs my thoughts will turn to this post!

  10. I’m pretty sure the frogs around here speak Swahili. We’ve never been able to command them around either.

  11. Nancy M says:

    What a great nature walk! You really found so many wonderful things. That is awesome to be able to walk out your front door and enjoy God’s beautiful creation in such a way. I just love all your photos each day. they are so inspiring and beautiful. Really appreciate them!

  12. Beautiful set of photos … what a pretty wood! The goslings are so cute with their fuzzy yellow heads, and I love the shots of your daughter holding the frog. Thanks for the learning curve (I checked out the link) … always good to know just that little bit more. Wendy 🙂

  13. We love trekking through our woods! Sometimes we’ll take along our nature journals to sketch whatever strikes our fancy. I love that your kids got to see the mama goose when she was nesting and now again with the baby geese. That’s so exciting!

  14. Love love love this!

  15. Also, remember that only the male frogs make noise. Maybe she could here but couldn’t ribbit back?

  16. Charlotte says:

    Brilliant! Though im sure frogs only speak French! 😉

  17. Christine says:

    Amazing picture of mama goose and her babies!

  18. So much greenery! Spring is truly miraculous and beautiful 🙂

  19. Hahahhah the frog part cracked me up! Say ribbit! Oh Bea.

    I have ALWAYS wanted to go morel hunting!! I’m so jealous. I’m hoping to get to go somewhere with morels this year.

  20. Beautiful photos! I just posted on my blog that one of my favorite things to do is spend time with my boys outside exploring somewhere. Unfortunately, in my neck of the woods, we’re still getting wintery weather. But soon…thanks for sharing your photos.

  21. Just lovely. I love the one with the bed of ferns. B is so sweet. 🙂

  22. A gorgeous walk. Love that mama goose!

  23. Beautiful photos. I especially like the one of the goslings with their mama…but my daughters like the one with the frogs. The buds on the trees are just about to burst here….we will soon have leaves again! Spring is so glorious to watch.

  24. We’ve decided to buy a house in the DC area instead of renting. I’m so excited!! Your photos make me hopeful of finding somewhere beautiful and inspiring with lots of trees to learn to identify.

  25. Just love it!,

  26. Love the photos. Can one eat Morells? How cool to find a frog with green on his back.

  27. So nice to be out!

  28. What a gorgeous place to walk. Your children are very lucky to have you as a mom.

  29. Barbara B says:

    I love your photos! A perfect start to the day for me.

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