Birthday Boy

Silas Lolek turned two last weekend. We were traveling at the time so we waited until this week to celebrate. The girls thought it was horribly unfair that we waited, but Silas didn’t seem to mind.  While he is probably the busiest, most active toddler that Jonny and I have ever had, keeping us constantly on our toes, he is also the happiest and easiest to please most of the time.  Silas, whom we call Lolek or Lowly just as frequently (along with a host of other names) is the most affectionate child I’ve ever had.  When I enter a room his face lights up and he races to me so that I can pick him up.  The tone he uses when he calls me “Mommy” is similar to the one you might use when speaking with the greatest affection to an adorable baby or maybe a puppy even.  I should record him, so I’ll never forget the way he sounds when he says it.  This won’t last forever.  I’ve never had a child talk to me the way that he does, as if I am the dearest thing in the world to him.  While he does hug and kiss everyone, I am the only one who gets the extra special treatment.  He cradles my face in his little hands, gives me a look that I can’t describe while saying my name, “Mommy,” and then proceeds to kiss me, sometimes over and over again.  It’s precious and hilarious all at once.  He makes me laugh so much.  He makes us all laugh.  He’s a treasure through and through, even if keeping up with him can be exhausting.

On the day of his birthday celebration we picked strawberries from the garden and made a simple strawberry cake with whipped cream and strawberries on top.  Having a birthday during strawberry season is awfully nice.  Jonny lit Silas’ candles over and over again, until finally Silas tired of blowing them out and started eating.  At some point we realized that we had forgotten to do “Praises before presents,” so we paused in our eating to share all of our favorite things about Silas.  We encourage the kids to be specific, but mostly they said things like, “I love Silas because he’s awesome.”

As far as buying toys and gifts for my children, I don’t do much of that year round, so I really love buying birthday gifts.  I especially love buying gifts for little ones who can’t yet make specific requests.  Obviously, it’s more fun for me that way.  I put a lot of thought into the handful of gifts I bought for Silas this year.  My parents know we have limited space and are particular about what we can keep as far as toys go, and they generously send birthday checks for our kids.  I used Silas’ birthday check  from one set of grandparents to buy a little trike for him.  The big boys assembled it, and excitedly presented it to Silas first.  He loves it, and has been riding it around the house ever since.  His other gift from grandparents was an “inside” dump truck.  This one will be used to haul small toys and blocks rather than dirt.  Larkspur made him a little soft doll which he genuinely loved, which made her really happy.  Amongst his other gifts were a few board books, which we are having a hard time convincing him to accept.  Silas likes to read the same books over and over again.  Those new books were maybe more of a gift for Jonny and I, desperate for new reading material.  Silas loves farm animals, and imitating their sounds like most kids his age, and I bought him this adorable farm set which I think he will really love once he tires of riding that bike all over the place.  I also discovered these super cute children’s card sets, specially made for young children, a few weeks ago, and bought Silas the alphabet set.  I think these are going to be a big hit.  They are bright and colorful and most importantly, sturdy enough for little hands!  I’ll probably keep them in my purse to have on hand when we are out and about.

So, our baby is two years old now, and probably weighs nearly as much as Beatrix, but he’s still our baby.  We are so grateful for him and the way he fills us, and everyone he meets, with laughter.


  1. Im unable to find your card Cardsapp

  2. Happy birthday to the Most Gorgeous Baby Ever! I love seeing him grow, though I’d dearly love to keep him small and adorable!

  3. I can’t believe he is two already! I guess I have been reading your blog for quite awhile now 🙂 I love it by the way. It remains my favorite of all time. Happy Birthday Sweet Silas! I love your bunting!

  4. Brigitte says:

    Happy birthday. I always feel birthdays are for moms too. There is such joy and tenderness in our heart that day. So refreshing to read of your loving family after reading the daily newspaper this morning! Keep up the good work.

  5. Happy Birthday Silas. 🙂

  6. Happy Birthday to Silas! Our gal turned 2 this past weekend also. It is such a great age.

  7. It looks like Silas’s 2nd birthday celebration was very sweet and special! Love the happy photos.

  8. Happy Birthday Silas !! You have a beautiful family.

  9. Happy birthday, Silas!

  10. I love all of those pics of Silas blowing out the candles! How precious! Happy Birthday Silas! Many blessings for your next trip around the Sun!

  11. Ah what a sweetie he reminds me of my grandson because of the blonde hair. He is a treasure Happy Birthday Silas.

  12. Happy Birthday Silas

  13. Happy Birthday Silas! Such a cutie! I love when siblings make gifts too – so precious! My baby is 8, still my baby! xx

  14. Happy birthday, Silas! Looks alike a speed demon in the making – watch out!!

  15. happy birthday to your sweet little boy who happens to be growing very fast for me, it seems he was born just yesterday!

  16. How very precious. You are so richly blessed.

  17. Happy birthday, Silas! I LOVE that his middle name is Lolek!

  18. Happy Birthday sweet Silas! I love when little kids are affectionate. My nephew is the same, and it’s so awesome. You should record him saying “Mommy” and put it up so we can hear!

    That strawberry cake looks really good. I’m jealous he gets to have strawberry season for his birthday!

  19. Happy Birthday, sweet Silas! I always love hearing about how you and Jonny choose the gifts for the kids!

  20. sarah o says:

    Happy Birthday to Silas! I can’t believe he is two already either! What great photos and I love the birthday crown!!

  21. Hi Ginny,
    What precious pictures of the celebration! Happy Birthday to Silas! I love hearing about how affectionate he is. Sounds like the family comedian too. 🙂

    Bracken keeps checking our strawberries in the garden, they are still green here, but he checks every day. He got a red rider trike from his grandma for his second birthday and it’s one of his favorite gifts of all time. Little boys and trikes are a good combo.


  22. Happy Birthday Silas! My youngest just turned 2 a few weeks ago as well, so it is fun to see his party. What a cutie! My little girl says mama in such a reverntial way as well, and I love it. Thanks for the reminder to record it before she stops loving on me so much!

  23. What a lovely birthday. I started to drool when I saw the strawberries….they look so yummy! I will wait another month before I get a taste here.
    Your house looks so clean and organized….something you would see in a magazine.

  24. happy happy day! happy birthday to your littlest boy. <3

  25. What a dear child! You *should* record him for sure. What a joyful little human being! Love the pictures! God grant Silas many more years! Happiest of Birthdays!

  26. Happy birthday to sweet Silas. It’s hard to believe that he’s 2! His gifts and cake look like a wonderful way to celebrate. 🙂

  27. Happy Birthday to Silas, my youngest had a birthday at the weekend too and we too were away and celebrated yesterday!

  28. Marilyn says:

    Happy Birthday Silas!! He sounds like a charming toddler! The gifts are wonderful.

  29. Oh my, I cannot believe Silas is TWO! I started reading your blog when Beatrix was just a baby and now you have another young one who’s not a baby anymore!

    Happy Birthday to him. He is really really cute! It sounds like he got some great gifts as well 🙂

    Continued blessings to your family as you add one member later this year. I just love following along via your blog!

  30. I loved reading about his little personality. My “baby” boy just turned two as well, and he is the most active toddler I have had yet. You have to constantly keep an eye on him, or he will try to do things he has seen the big boys do. He is very sweet though though, and he loves to laugh and get hugs 🙂

  31. He’s a cutie, and getting so big!

  32. Well he is such a sweet birthday boy! Happy Birthday!

  33. Good grief, two already! Birthday blessings young Silas, you are clearly a delight 🙂

  34. Debi Miller says:

    Happy Birthday Silas!

  35. Happy birthday! I can’t believe he’s two already, I started reading your blog when you were pregnant with him. I love the pictures of him, yes, I guess because they catch him how he is.

  36. So cute pictures, congratulations!

  37. Teresa C says:

    Happy birthday Silas, and congratulations to you too, Ginny! Two is so awesome (we could go without the tamtrums though. But probably a six child isn’t so prone to it as a first one. Or is it?)
    Anyway, the presents are lovely, and the doll adorable. You have such a Nice family!

  38. Happy birthing day, mama and happiest of birthdays to your little one. What a sweet and tender one he seems. Sounds a lot like our family when we praise each other. We aim for specifics but get a lot of you’re greats.

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