weekend things

I had a headache for most of the weekend, allergies maybe?  So I spent most of my time in bed, drinking lots of water and willing the headache to go.  While I rested I watched a movie recommended by a friend:  The King’s Speech.  I almost never watch Hollywood films, but this one was great.  I also did a good bit of knitting on Silas’ sweater, and some cross stitching too.  I found though, that cross stitching on black linen doesn’t pair well with a headache.  Beatrix made frequent visits to my room and we did puzzles together, the ones made of little blocks with a picture pasted on each side.  I can’t remember where I got them, but I keep them in my closet and pull them down every now and then.

On Saturday evening the kids were getting a little stir crazy and Jonny decided to take them to a small beach on the Potomac that is right down the road.  I dragged myself out of bed to go with them, anxious to get out of the house myself.  That little beach is good for treasure hunting, but not necessarily my favorite kind.  A few shark’s teeth were found and some other common fossils.  The following day I discovered a little tray hidden under the couch with the results of my girls’ thing finding:  a couple of broken ink pens, a few unidentifiable bits and pieces, and five lighters.  My kids love to find lighters-for some reason they are like the ultimate good find, but they should know by now that I am just going to throw them away.  Children don’t need cigarette lighters, at least I don’t think they do.  Jonny and I are taking trash bags next time we visit this particular beach, because it needs some serious clean up efforts.

The weather has become very warm all of a sudden.  I hate it when that happens, when things go from cold to hot in a matter of days.  It makes me feel so behind in the garden.  This year’s garden is going to go in slowly.  What’s the rush anyway?

Dandelions are blooming now, and we saw a few honeybees over the weekend.  We are choosing to believe that they are from our swarm, that they survived the winter in their wild home and are doing well.  That’s a happy thought.


  1. We watched the Kings speech last night funnily enough , What a fab blog, I sort of stumbled across it while looking for something else and its great your pictures are stunning, the jumper you little girl is wearing is almost identical to one my step mum made for my daughter last winter, she looks like shes having great fun exploring! they all do (on a side note I hope your head is better )

  2. Diane J says:

    Your blog (and garden) are totally charming. I’m not suggesting anything but this reminded me of the pregnancy headache. That dreaded headache was always the earliest clue of pregnancy for me. As early as the first week or two. That and clumsiness. I would literally fall down. In the shower, on the sidewalk, anywhere. At my age now, though it would have to be allergies. 🙂

  3. Where did you get the puzzle blocks in one of the top pics? They are lovely! Hope your headache has subsided.

  4. I really enjoyed The King’s Speech, too. We had a lovely, warm weekend and now the snow is coming down and it is a high of 13 degrees tomorrow! The sampler is a great way to think of spring.

  5. folks at work (including myself) have been suffering from allergies this week too!
    I don’t think I’ve noticed bees out yet here in Michigan. But some of the spring bulbs are finally beginning to blossom! We are expecting some warm spring time weather later this week tho. Here’s hoping!

  6. AngelaK says:

    I was recently on 6 months of pregnancy bed rest. I watched the King’s Speech twice and LOVED IT. Hope you are feeling all better by now.

  7. Sorry about your headache! I went home from work with an awful one on Friday and it didn’t go away until late Saturday.

    I love the spiral-y shells! They are so pretty and look so perfect!

    If I were a honeybee, I would want to live in your hive! It’s totally one from your swarm. 🙂

  8. I love the picture of the frozen bee. Maybe because it makes me think of summer.

  9. I’m sure it’s the dreaded allergies! When my daughter was home for her spring break she insisted that we watch that movie, I’m glad she did!! Hope you feel better

  10. Sinus headaches have been the rule this weekend, along with some colds. Seems to always happen with weather changes.

    We have some fairy tale puzzle blocks, too, and oddly enough I can’t recall where we got ours either!

  11. Hope you are better! Headaches are the pits. My copy of Prayerables came. A hardback, no cover, and little used stains. My favorite kind! I am loving it. Thank you for the hint!

  12. I like that movie!
    Hope your headace left your head!
    I am sure they are your bees!!

  13. I think all children may be part raccoon. They all seem to have a fascination with gather shiny, forbidden objects.

    I’m your headache is on its way out. Maybe a neti pot would help? My husband has severe allergies and it really helps flush the pollen out of his nose.

  14. Sure hope your headache is gone.
    I’ve seen that movie…a good one.
    As always, I love your pictures! ♥♥♥

  15. That is a happy thought about the bees. Goodness, think of what stories a bee could tell….

  16. Our garden is going slow this year too. Just last week we moved the chickens into the garden for clean up. The only thing growing out there is garlic and asparagus (which is fenced off from the chickens).

    My husband and I went into the hives the other day and were thrilled to find an abundance of honey. I think this will be the year that we harvest honey for the first time.

    I hope your headache has subsided. It may be allergies but keep an eye on it, your body is trying to tell you something.

  17. Hope your are feeling better and have time for more rest you are always so busy x

  18. Praying that your headache has subsided. So good of you to find the blessings from the weekend.

  19. Is it precisely because the lighters are illicit that they are so prized? I loved (LOVED) finding lighters as a child (and maybe even now) and always hoped they had enough gas in them to work. Danger! Allure! lol

  20. Looks like a lovely weekend, in spite of the headache. I hope you’re feeling better now…

    Our garden is slowly taking shape as well. Seeds are started; peas went in on Saturday (a little late, but what could I do? I couldn’t *see* the ground through the snow until last week!). My parents are coming out for a long weekend on Thursday & we will be building a new shed & putting in some beds. This is our first growing season in this new space & I still haven’t figured out quite how to best use it yet…

    (I’ve been meaning to ask – what pattern is that red hooded coat? I tried to search your archives for it but clearly I’m not using the right search terms. It’s adorable & I want to add it to my to-knit list for Julia!) xo

  21. I like your happy thought on the bees. I would think the same thing 🙂 I hope your head is feeling better now. Is Bea wearing another Sunday sweater?
    Lots of love to you all!!! <3 <3

    • Yes, Beatrix is wearing the first one I knit. It never made it on Ravelry. It has been worn to death though and could use a shave!

  22. Of course that was one of your bees. Why wouldn’t it bee? Think possitive. I’m sorry about your headache. I had one too all weekend. I think a mix between allergies and needing new glasses.

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