Knitting Plans

Thank you for joining us in our excitement about our new little one!  Jonny and I have read all of your sweet comments over the past few days with big smiles on our faces.

I have been thinking a lot about what I want to knit in the next six months or so.  Maybe too much.  But I thought I would share my plans, and then maybe you guys could recommend some baby knits, because I need help!  Silas was a summer baby, so I didn’t really knit for his early months.  Beatrix was born in the fall, but I was only knitting hats at that point, so this will be our first baby born since I became a “serious” knitter.

First thing, I did decide what to knit with my skein of yellow yarn.  I cast on for a (wait a second, must look up the spelling) Puerperium Cardigan.  I question all those buttons, but I like the look of it, and it works out weight and yardage wise for my yellow yarn.  And considering the fact that there are nearly 3000 of these floating around Ravelry, the buttons must not be so bad.

But, after I finish this, I really have some non-baby knitting to attend to.  Specifically, I need to do some knitting for Larkspur.  I bought yarn in the color of her choice (pictured above) to knit a Sunday Sweater for next year.  My plan is to write the pattern for the next size up as I go.  I’ve been promising people for months that I would get this done, and I finally realized that the only way it would happen is if I am actually knitting it.  I have the yarn now, and that’s a start!

I also really, really want to knit another Phoebe Sweater for Larkspur. (the pattern is from this super cute picture book)  Beatrix will inherit her red one next year and considering that Larkspur has worn it all winter long for the past three winters, I know she wants a new one.  I am planning on using this yarn, and she has requested navy blue.  I hope to finish up these two big projects for Larkspur before the baby is born.

Lark hasn’t picked up her knitting needles in some time, but today she pulled out her rainbow yarn and started knitting back and forth, warming up for the hat she plans to knit for the new baby.  Beatrix is claiming that she is going to knit the baby a sweater, hat, and hand warmers.  Considering that she still knits in my lap, relying on my hands, we’ve got some work to do.  Maybe I can convince her to knit the baby a nice soft washcloth instead.

As far as my own baby knitting plans:  I know I want to knit a Baby Vertebrae and that will probably be the next thing I knit for baby.  And of course I’ll knit a Milo or two, because those are so easy and practical.  I like the look of this blanket and the fact that it isn’t a square (I seem to really like Kelly Brooker patterns!)  I also want to knit lots of baby socks.  I think Kelly’s pattern looks great.

What knits do you recommend for babies?  I want practical items that I will really use.  Please share links to your favorite newborn and 0-6 months baby patterns in the comments!

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  1. Congratulations! (Yeah, I’m a little bit behind.) One of my favourite baby knits, in part because I could only knit squares at the time, were colourful cotton bibs with I-Cord ties. Easy, mindless, good practice for different patterns, and very functional. But maybe a bit boring to knit once you know how to knit more than a square 😛 I love the Pickles’ Plain Vest too (already linked to in another comment), very versatile for girl babies.

    Your baby knits are dreamy.


  1. […] have two friends due on the same day in September! Baby sweaters all around! I need to look back at Ginny’s post from a few weeks ago and see what was recommended for her bundle of joy, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. […]

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