Easter makes and mishaps

I planned to sew Beatrix a new dress to wear on Easter Sunday.  I ironed fabric and assembled pattern pieces and laid them all out on my desk for motivation.  I spent the week looking at them, busy with other things.  I thought that I would just spend Saturday sewing.  I spent Saturday morning running errands.  I came home and decided to clean my room and I even asked Jonny to help me rearrange the furniture.  That took all day.  I pulled Larkspur’s Easter dress from two years ago out of the attic and tried it on Beatrix.  It fit perfectly and she was thrilled at the prospect of wearing it.  I’ll sew her that new dress sometime soon.

Sunday morning was cold and gray.  Larkspur cried when I told her she had to take off her ripped long sleeved play dress and put on her short sleeved birthday dress for Mass.  She thought I was very cruel, so I didn’t make her take off the red sweat pants she was wearing underneath her dress or the funny socks and dirty shoes.  I cast out the thoughts of myself on Easter Sundays as a child wearing a new dress, little white gloves, and even carrying a new straw purse sometimes with tiny pencils and paper tucked inside.  I buttoned Beatrix into her coat and yelled for everyone to get in the van.  We were late.  We usually are.  As everyone piled in, cries rang out over a bad smell.  “Everybody check your shoes!”  But the smell couldn’t be traced to an offending mess on the bottom of anyone’s feet.  There wasn’t time for further investigation, and I couldn’t smell whatever it was anyway.  We arrived at Mass just as it was starting, but thankfully there were plenty of seats available because Easter services are held at our local expo center every year.  About five minutes after sitting down, Beatrix needed to go to the bathroom.  I took her.  As we exited the bathroom, Larkspur came running up, needing to go too.  I told her we’d wait outside the door for her.  Standing there with Beatrix, I kept noticing a bad smell.  I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what I was smelling, just that it was disgusting.  I blamed it on the food service equipment stored near where we were standing, and wondered if everyone else was noticing it, or just me.  Later, sitting with Beatrix on my lap, I decided that surely everyone must be smelling this bad smell because it was really strong.  The priest was swinging the incense and I willed that smoke to head our way and cover the stink.  Beatrix wanted out of her coat and I helped her remove it.  It brushed against my face.  To my horror, I realized that the smell was coming from her coat.  I hoped that no one else could smell it!  I tucked it under the chair.  It was too cold to send Bea outside in her short sleeved dress, so as we left Mass I buttoned her back into her stinky coat.  Jonny picked her up and exclaimed, “Beatrix!  You smell like…likethrow up!”

I don’t know what’s on that coat, I just know it’s getting washed.  Bottom line:  we weren’t looking our best, and we were the stinky family at Easter Sunday Mass.  I’m okay with that, although I would never intentionally be such a mess.  This is just how it goes sometimes.  It’s still Easter, and we’re awfully happy about that.

I did make a few special Easter gifts for my littlest ones.  Bunnies for the girls.  They weren’t a surprise because the girls chose which fabric and color combinations they wanted before I ordered the kits.  Then they watched me work on them over the past few weeks.  I didn’t let them see the finished bunnies ahead of time though.  I was also struck by some last minute inspiration last week to make something for Silas.  I remembered the half finished lamb that I began in an effort to make a pair of them for the girls a couple of years ago and knew it would be perfect for Silas.  I was able to finish it in a day, and that meant a nagging unfinished project was completed and I had something sweet for Silas that I knew he would love. I think it turned out a little wonky looking, but of course Silas didn’t notice that. It’s really, really soft and snuggly and that is what is most important.

p.s.  Outdoor photos from our annual scavenger hunt.


  1. Justine says:

    A happy belated Easter and such a joy to celebrate stinky or not 🙂 Loving your bunnies too and I missed out on the first order and waiting patiently for the next release!!

  2. We were at the expo center too. My 5 year old passed stinky gas more times than I could count. My husband was thrilled he could finally use his favorite joke…He who breaks wind in church, sits in his own pew;)

  3. I was delighted to see the bunnies, as I have just finished the same kit (blue capelet). Aren’t they adorable! So glad you had a blessed Easter. Looks like your day was full of prayerables!

  4. Brigitte says:

    I had to bite my tongue going to Easter vigil because my husband wore black jeans, which I didn’t think were good enough. But he sured smelled okay! Your posts always delight me. Please keep it up. And happy Easter!

  5. I made that same little lamby for my daughter for her birthday in January. I love the bunnies you made from Posy Gets Cozy. I was too late to order this go round.

    I guess all that matters is you made it to Mass even if one of you was “stinky.”

  6. I love the boots on those bunnies! And the lamb is really adorable too.

  7. Happy Easter!!

    What a memory this will be for your family! “Remember the stinky Easter?” I was feeling bad this year as there wasn’t enough money for new clothes, so we took in a dress for my 6 year old and my 4 year old one his older brother’s Easter clothes that were a bit too big for him. But it was all good. We made it to mass and God thought we looked good. 🙂 And that is all that matters!

  8. Easter blessings to you and your beautiful family! The Lord is risen indeed (and it matters naught what we smell like)! Alleluia! (and those are the sweetest bunnies ever)

  9. I guess I’m going to “speak my mind”! 🙂 Funny little title that is. I was so tickled that you reminded me of our Easter dresses, white gloves, and purses. I had completely forgotten them. I need to talk with you sometime about our childhoods, because apparently you have all the memories and I have all the vague nothingness. Oh Ginny, my comment was so long and then somehow I pressed a key that erased more than half of it. Oh, dear me. Tis life. I think I was trying to speak from my mind, that it does remember those precious things, the purse, the gloves, and how I loved them, especially the gloves. And that we wore those things at daddy’s house right? Oh yes, yes, I remember the excitement…especially the gloves! the gloves! Sweet memories. And I think I was saying that I love the bunies you made, and the lamb. And that I recently tried to sew from a pattern a romper for Samuel, (I know you’d never sew a “romper”—so UNcool :), and Benjamin picked the lock to my new “craft” room and cut up my pieces of fabric that I had already cut out according to the pattern and started to sew on. But it doesn’t matter, I realized there was no way I could teach myself to sew from a pattern like that. The pattern was practically in Chinese for all I know. Maybe a dear friend will sew something with me…or a dear sister. 🙂 Love you.

    • I hate that it says, “Speak your mind” and I have no idea how to change it! Of course I would sew a romper–

  10. I’m so but I did giggle when I read about the coat :-0 ! I saw another blogger make one of those bunnies recently and am really in love with them – they are just too sweet!
    Happy Easter and happy new week,
    Sarah x

    PS I don’t usually like to leave links in comments, but I thought you might be interesting in my recipe competition. Hope this is okay? 🙂

  11. Oh no! That is horrible about coat, but I had to laugh. I love that picture of your daughter running with the red sweater that is header worthy! Happy Easter a day late.

    • Andee, I thought the same thing, because my current header is kind of boring in my opinion–but, I want a spring-y header, not a thick wool sweater one! So, I am just waiting for the perfect spring photo so I can make a swap!

  12. My children are finally at the age where we show up looking presentable for mass, erasing all the memories of unmatched socks (or no socks), dirty faces and arms, uncombed hair. Once I wore two different shoes to a baptism, which I didn’t notice until I, as godmother, was in front of the church holding my goddaughter (the shoes were the same color and style, but definitely from different pairs). This year my teenage daughters helped pick out their little brothers’ clothes and made sure they were clean (the boys and clothes) and ready for the morning rush. The boys were quite proud of how snazzy they looked with tie and coat. I complained to my husband this morning about how casual people dressed in mass for Easter Sunday. I don’t think it used to be this way. I almost felt overdressed (and I’m pretty clueless about fashion).

  13. love how you share your real life:)

  14. I am so jealous of the sweet little lamb! It looks so cuddly! Maybe I’ll make one for my dog and then “forget” to give it to her….

    That is hilarious about Bea’s coat! At least you found the source, it just sucks you didn’t realize it before church! 🙂

  15. As always, love your photos. And I love the gentle way you share your family’s faith experience.

    I often find that events in your life mirror events in my own life. It makes me laugh and feel alot better about them! I too have the pieces of a dress for my daughter sitting downstairs, I picked up a “How to Knit Dogs” book at the library today in preparation for my son’s birthday, and we had a disgusting throw up smell (in my daughter’s hair!) over the weekend and could not convince the sick child that we needed to wash her hair. Once she was well we were able to, thankfully!

    Love how the bunnies and sheep turned out. Happy Monday!

  16. Would you mind sharing where you got the bunny kit from. I love them! The lamb is also super sweet. What fun handmades.

  17. Melissa N says:

    I love the lamb! I made a pair of bunnies too, but they were able to be a surprise even though we homeschool too. I just kept tossing the pieces into my basket when I heard footsteps. You can see them in my flickr if you like: http://www.flickr.com/photos/31613537@N03/8601074749/in/photostream

    ps. love the stinky story, it sounds like us ;o)

  18. Everything about this post is adorable! Again you blow me away with your craftiness. Blessings to you and your family Ginny. Happy Easter!

  19. Oh, that really made me laugh! Thank goodness Easter was at the Expo! I had something like that happen at Christmas eve mass when we were smashed in with a million people. Major blow-out poop smell is pretty bad too!

  20. MarieAnne Branaman says:

    Good morning Ginny,
    We were kindred spirits Sunday morning! My youngest, Sadie, barfed all over her lovely pale blue Easter dress in the van on the way to Mass. So we kind of smelled like a barfy family too.
    Still, Mass was beautiful and we celebrated His resurrection.
    I so enjoy your blog. Thank you!

  21. Christ is Risen! The good thing is that you made it to church! What adventures!

  22. beautiful pics!

  23. Those bunnies…and the boots….LOVE….so, so sweet. Happy Easter! We attended the Easter Vigil on Saturday night…..my oldest daughter was one of the readers and the two boys were serving on the alter. Meanwhile in our seat…two little girls trying to stay awake and asking how much longer…they were exhausted from a busy day of boiling off the maple syrup.

  24. Hi Ginny,

    Allowing myself the luxury of blog-hopping this Easter Monday morning. Those bunnies…adorable. Thanks for peek inside your Easter.

  25. The bunnies really did turn out well, I still have my daughter’s in the package not sewn…hopefully soon!

  26. Ginny your bunnies and sheep are lovely! Lucky Silas. I think I’ll have to make one for my little man too! We missed mass this week due to funny sleep patterns, so we sang children’s Easter hymns around the dinner table in a valiant attempt to make up for it! God Bless!

  27. Those boots!! adorable. We were late too, but thankfully Mass started about 5 minutes late or more, so we ended up being early! Great surprise! I was sewing my wrap dress together on the way to Mass so I wouldn’t flash anyone (and realizing what a stupid mistake it was to put the thing on in the first place). No matter how long we spend getting ready, there’s always something do at the last minute. Somehow it all works out in the end. Happy Easter to you and yours!

  28. Oh my heart hurt when I saw that lamb because I printed out the pattern and had the yarn all ready for my baby’s first Easter and it just didn’t happen. Maybe it will be a multi year project for me too. 😉

  29. Your bunnies turned out so well! I bought a kit, too, but haven’t been able to get to it yet. I was hoping to have it done for Easter, but …. well. WB will enjoy the bunny just as well whenever she’s finished.

  30. Bethany says:

    Happy Easter! The bunnies did turn out perfectly! We always have over a thousand attend at the Mass time that my guys usher, so we have to be there at least an 1/2 hour early… hard to do, so I completely empathize! This was the first year I cooked Easter dinner because all of our family is out of town and none of us could travel this year. Did you cook?

    • Yes, I cooked! Turkey, actually, because I bought a couple to freeze after Thanksgiving when they were marked way down!

  31. I probably shouldn’t take comfort in your “stinky” story but my little one threw up at Easter Mass yesterday so…stuff happens. At least you found out what the smell was! I felt horrible that whoever came after us probably wondered why the seat was damp (I cleaned up the best I could but you can only do so much with toilet paper).

    Your bunnies and lamb came out beautifully!

  32. Yes, your pictures are beautiful.

  33. I got about halfway through the Easter dress before life got in the way. I might try to finish it, but I think I may repurpose the fabric into some different projects that she can enjoy throughout the year.

    Love the way your gifts turned out and your pictures are beautiful as always!

  34. violicous says:

    Love the shoes on the bunnies! I have to laugh because our boys do a weekly outdoor program where they end up investigating rivers, dead fish, etc. Many a time we have gone to pick their dad up from work and they will have fish head in their pockets or actually have river water dripping on the floor. Their dad who grew up near the ocean calls it ‘low tide’ as in ‘who smells like low tide’.

  35. You got farther along in Easter-dress-making than I did. I have the pattern & the fabric…sitting folded on a shelf in my sewing room. I gave up all hope of sewing a new dress for Julia on about Thursday, and she wore a handed-down dress from her cousin (with Christmas tights!). She was thrilled; she loves wearing her older cousin’s old clothes. She’ll get that dress one of these days…

    I love the bunnies! I was thinking of getting a kit from Alicia, but then I found a different bunny pattern that worked perfectly with some fabric I already had, so… I do love Alicia’s pattern, though; I may have to get one to make sometime. Yours turned out beautifully. xo

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