We had a somewhat eventful and rather bloody start to our weekend.  Beatrix, dear Beatrix.  She’s just so bouncy.

Thursday evening I worked hard to make sure we were well prepared to make an early start Friday.  Best clothes were pressed and ready, gifts wrapped, directions printed.  Friday morning everything went well, and we actually made it on time to the Mass at which dear friends would be joining the Catholic Church, and their older boys receiving First Holy Communion.  The kids were antsy during Mass, the result of being in a new place, and having ridden for over an hour in the car to get there.  We made it nearly to the end of the service when Beatrix told me that she needed to go to the bathroom, again.  I didn’t really believe her, but asked Larkspur to take her anyway and then to just join Jonny in the vestibule where he had been wrangling Silas throughout Mass.  That way, I could spend the last few minutes of Mass in peace.  It turned out to be a bad decision on my part.  Minutes later, a friend came to tell me that Jonny needed me, and that we needed to take Beatrix to the hospital.  I was momentarily very confused, because she was fine just a few minutes before.  But as I exited the sanctuary and saw Jonny holding her, I understood.  She was covered in blood:  her dress, her hair.  Her face was hidden by the giant wad of bloody paper towels that Jonny was using to stop the bleeding.

There are giant glass windows in this church between the sanctuary and the vestibule.  Beatrix, bouncing toward a friend, tripped over her sandals and went face first into the glass.  Thankfully the glass didn’t break, but her forehead split open, a long, deep cut right across the middle.  Kind strangers surrounded us offering help, advice, and directions to the nearest hospital.  We were overwhelmed and it took us a few minute to come up with a plan.  We were supposed to be celebrating with our friends, and all of our children, including poor Beatrix were looking forward to the party after the service.  We went round and round with different plans.  Realizing that there was no salvaging the situation, we explained to the kids that there would be no party, and that we were going to drive home, and take Bea to the hospital near our house.  I felt relief as Beatrix’s head had stopped bleeding, and we had a plan now.  Beatrix stopped crying, but Larkspur just couldn’t.  At one point Larkspur wailed, “The worst thing is when something bad happens to one of the kids younger than you.  I wish I was the one who got hurt!”  Jonny and I were mildly shocked when Beatrix agreed out loud that it would indeed have been better had it been Larkspur who cut her head.  She must have sensed our surprise at her words, because she quickly changed her mind, deciding that actually it would have been better if it happened to one of the big boys instead of her.  I’m sure they appreciated that.  Actually, it made everyone laugh.

Three hours in the E.R. and Bea was fixed up almost good as new.  The physician’s assistant wanted to stitch her little forehead closed, but I insisted on glue.  The cut was clean, straight, long, and so prominently positioned.  I didn’t want the scarring that comes with stitches.  Once all was said and done, he agreed with me, that glue was a good choice.  By that time he had already said so much about the possibility of the glue not holding up as well as stitches, about being able to do a better job with stitches, etc. that I walked away a bit of a nervous wreck.  But, I’m glad I stood my ground on this one.  I believe there will be less scarring with the glue.  (Just a note:  glue burns like crazy.  Beatrix screamed and cried.  It was really hard for a couple of minutes.)  I’m worried now though, about her falling down, bumping her head, and doing something to mess up the cut, so carefully glued together.  So for the next week or so, I will be playing the role of overprotective mom.  On errands over the weekend, I carried her from the car to the store.  I found myself yelling “Slow down!  Walk!” when we were outside in the yard (to little avail.)  I ever so carefully washed her hair in the bath, careful not to get the glue wet.

Oh, Beatrix.  You terrify me sometimes.  I love your bounce and your wild abandon, but right now, I’m worried about your head.  I promise to stop telling you to stop running and being so bouncy in a few more days.


  1. I am glad you stood your ground!! I had stitches on my forehead up and down like in the “worry line” spot. at 5 years old. Scared to this day. People always assume it’s a wrinkle not a scar. You’re a good Momma!

  2. This is my first comment here, but Ohh, this remind me so much of my childhood. I was the endlessly bruised kid, dozens of stitches, more than 20 bone breaks… always jumping, climbing, falling, and I am 43 now.

    That was tough on my parents, all these visits to the ER, to a point that living in a small town, there were mistreatment suspicions…. But you can’t stop a child like that.

    But be reassured, those kids scars disappear, the only thing is absolutely zero sun on it for 1 year, so maybe she can wear a sort of bandana whenever she is out, or a bandaid, to be completely sure, that’s what my mother did when I was 6 and badly scarred my upper forehead falling on rocks. And now, nothing, well I had a motorbike accident 10 years ago so there is a huge new scar, but it is another story. And you know, people don’t really see my scar, until I mention it, even if it is objectively speaking a big one.

    nd I wish the best to you newly widened family. And pardon my English, tis not my mother tongue

  3. Ouch! I bet she has been feeling sad and sorry for herself. My son split his forehead open in a similar spot. It got glued together, but I wish it had been stitched as the little monkey managed to pull the glue out and he now has quite a scar. I hope the glue works well for Beatrix. Jacinta

  4. Poor Bea! That little cut will heal just fine and it will fade with time. My son split his chin open being bouncy in the bath a few years ago. He pleaded with me not to take him to get stitches. I used the brown paper trick and stopped the bleeding. It healed up just fine and is only a small line on his chin now.

  5. I absolutely adore your photos, and it’s good to see that your bouncy little girl is on the mend. You had me re-living every last one of our trips to emerg due to excessive bounciness… memories!

    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•`¤… Jennifer
    Jenn’s Random Scraps

  6. Mt brother bounced everywhere- glass panes and water- the Thames, the Med, the swimming pool ETC ETC.He’s 56 now! Hope she’s happy and bouncy again soon!

  7. Oh…poor, poor little Beatrix. That last pic is priceless. Our little girl, the last one in a line of four boys…is the only one that split her forehead open needing stitches. The stories they will be able to tell….

  8. Oh that is rough for sure! I would recommend investing in a few amazing medical staples for little Bea, given her bouncy nature….. Arnica (pellets and/or ointment) for bumps and bruising, and a therapeutic-grade Lavender essential oil (like Young Living) for scaring. Both aid in rapid, miraculous healing and are very safe for all ages. We can’t get enough around our house. If you have any questions about either I’d be happy to elaborate. Hope she recovers quickly!

  9. Ouch…glad that she is ok. Those moments when a kid really hurts themselves can be quite scary, so happy that you came through with your sanity intact. I do love that last picture of her…yes she looks terribly sad, but what a cutie and maybe, eventually you can all look back on this post and laugh about it.

  10. Darlene S says:

    poor thing. My youngest was like this. Seemed like every year, just before or just after her birthday, she would do something to her sweet little head. First it was a slip in the bathtub that chipped both front teeth. The next year, spinning in the living room and hit her chin on table and got 2 stitches in her chin. The next year, a front tooth knocked out in a bounce house. Then she gashed her forehead on the breakfast counter when she was four. At five, she got a black eye at the bowling alley because she was bebopping around in the slick shoes. I can’t remember what happened at 6 and 7 yrs old, but now she just made eleven and we have been injury free for the past few years! But she still bebops through life. Whew!! So heres hoping Beatrix outgrows the injury phase.

  11. Aw, that little face in the last pic made me tear up. Poor little thing, I hope she heals well and soon. She is so blessed to have such a lovely mum who will always take her corner & take wise decisions – glad you stood your ground with the glue.

  12. Oh no! Glue was a good choice. I’m sure she’ll be good as new in no time.

  13. Oh this just happened to us too! My 7 year old son fell and hit the smack dab middle of his forehead on the edge of a table at grandma’s house. (On my birthday, no less! Nothing says happy birthday like a trip to the ER.) Scalp wounds bleed so badly! His was gaping and we were told glue was not an option. Three little stitches closed it up perfectly (and smoothly, thank goodness). The stitches are out and it’s already starting to fade. Don’t worry Momma, kids are bouncy, but they’re also good at healing!

  14. Oh my gosh Ginny!!! Dear little Beatrix!!! I don’t even want to imagine how you felt when you saw her! I’m so so glad that other than stitches all is well.
    Chessa is my one like this, makes me hold my breath, or squeeze my eyes shut. But I can’t remember if I told you what happened last year.. Chloe grinded her finger in the grain mill! (Ground? Whatever!) I looked at her finger and knew we had to go straight to the hospital, and then I had to say it, which was awful. Jason wasn’t home and I was pregnant… craziness! I would have expected it more to happen to Chessa (I mean, to no one!) and Chloe said she was so glad that it was her. But she doesn’t have any older brothers 🙂
    Good luck Ginny! Love to you!

  15. ouch, poor Bea, I fell down our stairs, lucky no cuts, but bruised! I love this pattern and knitted it for our new arrival in a Noro yarn. Here it is xx

  16. Awwwwe…such a sweet picture at the end, despite the circumstances. I’m so happy she is okay! It must have been a scary moment as a parent as well as a child. Take care!

  17. Poor sweet Miss Bea! If she feels the need to bounce however, the red clover looks as though it would provide her a good spot for a nice soft landing. I’m curious as to how the bees are doing. I tried to spy some of them on the clover, but I can’t say that I saw any.

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