A year in our garden

Photos from last year, in chronological order.


  1. Willemijn Maljaars says:

    I love the layout of your garden! I am curious if you find it worth it to have so many garden boxes? Do you maximise the space?

  2. This is amazing, what a fabulous idea! I might just do the same thing with our garden this year! xxx

  3. LOVE this. What a special idea. Looks like I’ll be up tonight browsing through photos looking for pics of our garden! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. i adore this post, quite inspirational…still digging in ice here…our spring is still winter x

  5. This is amazing and beautiful and stunning and lust worthy all wrapped up in one luscious green bundle.

  6. I have think about doing the same thing. Lovely garden! God bless!

  7. Ginny,
    What a great idea! I love seeing the changes.


  8. I love this! It’s fun to see how the fence out front appears, then disappears, then appears again. Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. just lovely, a true ebb and flow.

  10. jane wood says:

    thankyou for sharing, that is a really inspiring post, in peace jane

  11. Beautiful.

  12. Beautiful! Are you thinking of doing the Saturday garden journal again this year? I loved looking at everyone’s garden spaces!

  13. What a cool idea! I love this! Look at all that hard work you have all done!

  14. I loved this! Inspiring and a beautiful reminder of the ways the Creator works…in His time.

  15. wonderful! a very nice idea!

  16. I love seeing time lapse stuff. You have a beautiful garden!

  17. What an awesome collection. I tried to do this one year but I kept forgetting!

  18. How lovely to see your garden gradually becoming lush and ripe and Green! Despite being very happy that the snow here in the alps has finally melted (and I can start think about my garden) I do very much like the last snowy photo.
    Are you planning on doing your Saturday gardening journal again this year? I hope so!

  19. I LOVE that last one! So pretty. Every year I show these pics to my husband and tell him this is the layout I want! We are getting there, but it’s slow going.

  20. Very nice. How brilliant of you to take pictures so often so you, (and us) could see the progression. And now for a new year of gardening.

  21. so cool – love this

  22. So cool!!

  23. I love this! What a great view. Inspiring me very much to get started in my backyard.

  24. I just love this! I have always longed for a large garden. I do have quite a big space for flowers, but am thinking of adding some veggies this year.

    Now that I find myself taking care of little ones again, I am trying to remember all those things I did long ago. I so enjoy reading blogs of young mothers. I am getting great inspiration!

  25. Nice compilation. If I did the same, 7 of them would be covered in snow. We have had snow on the ground since October and it is snowing again today. Sigh.

  26. That was beautiful!

  27. Ah, Ginny, that was a joy to see. I am a city dweller now but lived in the country for a time. That was when I fell in love with gardening. Well, not really true, I think I initially fell in love when I planted my first poppies in a little square on my back porch at a very young age. I had never intended to live in the country, but when I found myself out there alone all day with a little one gardening became my lifesaver.
    It was so nice to relive it through your pics!

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