Winter’s Last Hurrah part II

The igloo was a proud achievement for my boys.  I didn’t go inside it myself, but all the kids and at least one cat did.  Silas was pushed in, and promptly backed right back out.  This snow day for him was a sort of lull between feeling terrible and feeling terrible again as he developed a double ear infection.  What a week it’s been.  Jonny and I are exhausted.  Today I am hoping to put away the drying rack covered with coats that has been occupying most of one room, and maybe I will clean up the mountain of gloves at the back door.  The snow is melting, and this weekend’s highs are in the low 60s.  As difficult as it’s been to have the whole snow thing going on along with a sick Silas, I’m so glad that my kids got this last bit of winter.  We haven’t had snow like this in a few years, and I don’t remember the last time there was snow in March.  I think I like early March snow, because underneath it, the signs of spring are hiding.  The buds and early flowers peek through here and there, reminding me that this is fleeting, and soon it will be warm, if not the very next weekend.  We placed our seed order and our honeybee order this week.  Now all we need is some energy!


  1. The baby behind the window is just amazing…before and after the ball was thrown!

    Lovely kids!

  2. That igloo is fanflippingtastic!

    I am sorry that Silas has been so sick. That’s just no fun at all. And snow comes so rarely here – it’s sad not to have the energy to enjoy it.

  3. We saw beautiful snow through Virginia as we made our way back from North Carolina to PA. It melted quickly. Your pictures bring back fond memories of when my kids were little. I know it seems so overwhelming at times but as you look back you will realize the joy they bring. I am wondering what the pattern is for your youngest son’s knitted hat. Would you share please?

  4. What a fabulous job your kids did building that igloo! I hope Silas continues to be on the mend.

  5. WOW! My kiddos all were so excited to see your photos. With major excitement, my oldest said, “That’s so cool.” So sad we got no accumulation here in Arlington.

  6. Here in Western Loudoun county VA the snow has almost gone. My boys did have a day of fun playing in it.

  7. Beautiful snow sculptures! Spring and then summer will come, and the winter clothes will all be packed away, and your kids will always remember their igloo.
    We re-arranged our day yesterday to trek over to my husband’s office to go sledding and have a “picnic” (indoors) lunch. Probably winter’s last hurrah for us, too. I skipped my knitting group, but was (overall) happy to do it. My two-year old loves it so. I just have to let go, let her get messy, and have fun.

  8. Its already like 70 degrees here in Northern California and I feel like we totally got cheated out of Winter this year. Im so jealous of all your Snow! Im ready to pack up and move to pretty much anywhere is snows into March. Love the igloo and the snowy chair!!

  9. I love snow! Those igloos are so cool! I hope Silas feels better. How exciting you ordered your seeds and honeycomb!

  10. AMAZING igloo and chair too! The sun is finally shining here today….it seems like forever since I’ve seen it. The snow is melting and the maple sap is beginning to run from the trees. It’s going to be a great weekend! Hoping that you all get a good rest and get back to health.

  11. The igloo is great! Watching your boys’ activities I’m really looking foreward to having a teenie boy, too. I hope this weekend you can find some rest and gather some energy for your spring project.
    Best wishes, Katharina

  12. angelak says:

    Love it all. And love your blog. So happy I found you.

  13. Have you tried beeswax ear candles? It always works with my kids. I just had to do a couple of ears this week on my 6yo and 10yo. You’d probably need an extra set of hands with Silas so he would sit still.

  14. I’m so sorry that Silas has been sick. Sick kids definitely takes the wind out of your sails. I came across this quote and thought you might like it:
    “In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.”
    -Albert Camus
    It’s coming. Those buds you mentioned are proof!

  15. dairygran says:

    The igloo is magnificent, but that chair is too. I remember dairying and the kids coming in and out, in and out, and I tried to keep gloves and coats dry. Between chores and playing in snow, my house was covered with wet clothing, but it was wonderful times. Enjoy! They’re blessed!

  16. What an incredible igloo! So sorry Silas isn’t well. I am sure the piles of wet jackets and mittens seems overwhelming but just think of all the wonderful memories that have been made. I remember the first snow we saw in N Ga with my folks, it was wet and messy. But we had a great time!

  17. oh dear, poor boy! I hope all gets better soon… love these pictures! 🙂

  18. At least you get some snow where you are. I don’t really miss the driving or the stupidity that surrounds snow but I look into our green back yard with the orange and lemon trees and wonder if we even had winter. The weekend we moved from one side of San Francisco Bay to the other, it had been kind of rainy and icky all week and as we were driving back to our apartment to move things, you could see snow up on the mountains (which aren’t that far away).

    I don’t know that Little Man misses the snow. He didn’t seem to like it to begin with.

  19. WOW! That igloo is spectacular! And the chair is pretty great, too!

  20. That igloo is so awesome!!!! I’m a little jealous 😉 Not sure we’ll ever have enough snow in Alabama to build one.

    LOVE the picture of the kitty guarding the entrance – too cute!

  21. I bet we’ll all get our energy back with the sun…when it starts to stay out all day. I love how Silas closed his eyes when the snowball was about to be thrown!

  22. I am so very anxious for Spring to get here (I’m in Tennessee). I want warm weather, gardening, watching sunsets on our deck, and waaaay more farm critters! Haha. I’m really not looking forward to Daylight Savings Time this weekend though. I wish we could just skip over that.

  23. Alice R. says:

    Your children will remember this one forever. I do, and I’m fifty seven. I love my cherished memory of the time my dad built an igloo with us. He could stand up in it and he was over 6 feet!

  24. Bea and her rosy cheeks! Great igloo. I especially like the cat and the snowball photos. Hope you get some rest. 🙂

  25. Courtney says:

    Ginny, I enjoy your posts and pictures so much! That igloo is quite a feat! We also got some snow here in WNC mountains…but my little ones are a bit too small to tackle building an igloo, but they do enjoy playing in it so much, as do I! I know the feeling, thinking of all that needs to be tackled in the spring can be pretty overwhelming, but little by little it will get done…and what doesn’t get done will just have to wait, right?! Praying for healing for little Silas and hoping for rest and energy for you! 🙂

  26. That igloo is fabulous. My kids are jealous. Here in GA we didn’t even get a dusting this year, although it has been plenty cold. 60’s+ and sunny is the current forecast, and plenty of spring baseball. Maybe next year we will get snow.

  27. Fun! Your igloo is much more advanced than ours… which is a snow pile in the back driveway that my husband and children dug a tunnel into. When I brink hot cocoa out to them, I have to take a deep breath and trust that my husband is right when he says it is REALLY strong! Did your little ones research technique or dive in and do it free-style?

  28. I’d be proud of that igloo too! Ugh poor wee man with the ear infections, ours is having his first ear infection and it’s just no fun for anyone when your babies are poorly. When it started making him cry I took him to the doctor, the first time since his six week healthy baby check (he is two and a half). Is Silas on antibiotics? Charlie is but I wish there was something else I could do, and today he’s come out in an all over the body rash. I found out at Playgroup today that hand foot and mouth disease is going around our town at the moment and chicken pox but they didn’t think it was either of those up at the hospital. I hope you get a reprieve soon.

  29. That snow igloo is impressive. Maybe Ill show it to my kids and they will get inspired to make one today. It’s STILL snowing here. I think I jinxed myself when I said we weren’t seeing any! Just when I saw fleeting signs of spring. For us, snow won’t be 100% out of the forecast till May, but there is hope that spring will be here soon. And we too are going to see temps in the high 50s, which just seems crazy as I watch the snow continue to fall! I hope you guys get some sleep and rejuvenate. No more sickies!!!!


  30. I am definitely ready for spring! Although, it seems like this latest storm didn’t make it all the way up to Maine – odd how sometimes there is more snow south of us! That igloo is awesome! My kids would have loved it!

  31. The last signs of Winter are melting here in Michigan too and I will be glad to see Spring arrive! I’m excited to read more about your honeybees, I’m hoping to be able to have bees too once we move.

  32. that last picture is so precious! and the igloo itself, a work of art.
    wishing you all lots of vibrant energy! 🙂

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