weekend time warp

Silas became ill on Friday, and his pitiful condition dominated the weekend.  He’s never been so sick before.  Sitting down to write, Sunday evening, I feel like I’ve been inside some sort of bizarre time warp these past couple of days, only I don’t know if the time went too quickly, or too slowly.  I just feel a bit weird.  Illness can be so intense and all encompassing.  Everything stops and keeps going all at the same time.

While in many ways it seems as if the entire weekend was spent holding and nursing Silas, my mind tells me that other things actually happened.  Saturday morning Jonny took Keats and Gabe for baseball try-outs.  I stayed home and let the girls stream far too much Max and Ruby on my computer while I nursed a very miserable Silas to the point that I was hurting too.  It occurred to me that he might have the flu, it sure seems that way, and that we might all succumb in the next few days.  I thought of Larkspur’s birthday this week and her unfinished birthday dress.  If I come down with the flu I won’t be able to sew.  I spent the second half of Saturday, all the way up until midnight, making that dress in between sessions with Silas.  Now Larkspur’s birthday dress is hidden away, ready and waiting for her.  I finished her hat this evening.  So, all set.  Well, mostly.

All the time spent nursing Silas, meant ample time for reading.  I read a book set during world war two, about a little dog, cover to cover and found myself more absorbed in it than I have been in another book in quite some time.  That may be partly to blame for my weird time warp feelings.  I seriously loved this book and can’t stop thinking about it.  I must have laid it in my lap because I was starting to cry a dozen times or so.  It was heartwarming and gut wrenching.   There was also the unexpected mention of knitting throughout the book.  Men knitting on ships:  socks for themselves, trousers for a pet capuchin monkey (with mention of another pair “on the needles.”)  There was an elderly woman who took up knitting despite arthritis, wanting to send socks and balaclavas to the soldiers.  I think I need a small dog now:  a terrier poodle mix -must be an adult male -must be a rescue.  I may or may not name him Bel Ria.

p.s.  Silas was so happy to snuggle his face on that yellow cowl.  Of course he was- it’s cashmere.


  1. Hi I’m Heather! Please email me when you get a chance, I have a question about your blog! LifesABanquet1(at)gmail.com

  2. Hope you’re all feeling better at your place. Those chickadee pix were really pretty. Glad the bird made it ok.
    Just curious if you’d ever be willing to do a post sharing about your nature collections I see in the backgrounds of these photos? They look really cool. And I’m looking into how to store all our nature finds my son brings in.

    Thanks for considering this, if you do, because I know you are a busy mama to your little ones.
    I find your blog so inspiring and thank you for sharing your life story and your beautiful photography!!

    • Hi Bobby Jo! Those are reiker mounts containing fossilized sharks’ teeth. We literally have thousands of sharks’ teeth, and recently started putting them in those cases for display. We bought them here: http://www.rikermounts.net/catalog.cgi I’ll probably do a post on them sometime in the next month.

      • Thanks for the reply! Looking forward to anything you care to share on that topic. There must be books out there on the topic (like to get kids interested in keeping nature collections) Maybe I’ll put that on the next library trip list.

        We have tons of feathers and larger objects we need displaying. I’ll bet the shelf you posted about once in your boys’ room is great for those kinds of things. Thinking about something similar in my son’s room… although dusting doesnt seem to happen as often as it should around here. 🙂

        Have a great day!

  3. Poor guy, it looks like he had a high fever and was just miserable. I hope he’s feeling better and the rest of you were spared the illness. He might have roseola… If he does, his fever will suddenly break and he’ll get spots all over him. Roseola is also called infant measles, but I don’t think it’s related to measles at all. You can read about it here – http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/roseola/DS00452 It seems to me that spring is the most common time to get roseola. I forget these things, as 4/5 of my kids are in their teens and twenties now and my 4-year-old never caught it, as far as I know.

  4. our youngest hasn’t had that hard first illness yet and i’m grateful, it’s never easy especially with all the other demands of life. glad to know he’s on the mend and thank you for the book recommendation – sounds like just the book for my soon-to-be 10yo boy!

    • Amanda, you may want to read it first. There is nothing terribly graphic, but there is death in the context of war. I don’t think my ten year old would be ready for it. My twelve year old picked it up, but put it back down again after a couple chapters. Reading it myself, it didn’t feel like reading children’s literature. Amazing book though-well worth checking into.

  5. fingers crossed the illness stops with your poor sick wee babe. nothing worse then a lingering drawn out illness that everyone gets one at a time.

  6. Poor baby! I hope he feels better soon.

  7. I hear ya!
    Our whole family went down, in succession with a terrible stomach bug, all 9 of us. I was so thankful that I was sick at night when my 15month old was sleeping. Even though I felt bad the next day, I could still hold and continually nurse her as she was sick (she had the lower end type of the illness).
    If you do go down, it will be a blessing to know that Silas is better, but I’m praying for no more illness for you!
    Watching our babies suffer is so hard and all consuming. It is very draining, so be very easy on yourself as you & he recover 😉

  8. Jessica says:

    I’ve been following your blog for a month or so now, and I just felt compelled to let you know that I’m praying for Silas and your family. Our family was hit with the flu at the beginning of February and it is truly not fun, but especially difficult when a toddler gets it. My 19 month old looked just as pitiful as your Silas. Your simple, home life blog has been a breath of fresh air, especially while I was dealing sick kiddos. It’s been refreshing reading about you and your family.

    Anywho, I am praying for Silas and praying that you all stay flu free.

  9. My granddaughter was suddenly sick a few days ago. It came right out of nowhere and I think it was the first time she has ever thrown up. Three times during the night.

    I would love a really good book to read but if it’s about a dog and has anything sad in it I just can’t read it.

    Glad you managed to get the birthday dress finished.

  10. Know how you feel…Dominic’s illness had me completely absorbed, and I was sure it would turn out that it was pertussis and we’d all be quarantined for a month, but it passed and no one else got it. I wasn’t nursing, but making him tea and serving up orange juice and Elderberry-Echinacea syrup and holding his hand during the severe, spasmodic coughing fits. I have no recollection of anything else that I did for 3 or 4 days, although I am quite certain that I did do other things.

    Hope the little fellow is doing better.

    And don’t feel too bad about the streaming videos–that is the absolute best use for them! I had Dominic playing the Gameboy (reserved for long car trips usually) for hours so that he would stay in his bed and not cough all over the house!

  11. Hope Silas is feeling better soon and that everyone else stays healthy.

  12. I hope Silas is better and the family remains healthy. I remember small sick kids; despite the worry and angst, having the baby cuddles back and feeling their need for you again almost makes it worthwhile.

  13. I hope he feels better soon. Our whole family got hit with the “ick” this weekend, and are taking a restful day as a result. Definitely no fun. Looking forward to Spring and wellness!

  14. Jennifer says:

    Poor little guy! You can see how sick he is feeling in that first photo. Hope he is feeling better and that no one else catches it!

  15. I’m hoping when you read this that Silas is better and you are permanently immune to the flu or whatever he has/had.

  16. I hope Silas feels better! Good for you for finishing the dress! I hope nobody else gets sick. Adorable pictures of you two, even though Silas’ misery is heartbreaking, it’s also beautiful.

  17. Bless his little heart! and yours! So hard to have a sick baby… hope he’s better and that it isn’t flu!

  18. Sick babes definitely make for a time warp. I hope the rest of you stay well!

  19. oh, those poor little flushed cheeks—first pic and I knew you had a weekend and a half. Hope you all are feeling better soon—-mamma’s only as good as her saddest/sickest child. hugs.

  20. I LOVE the yellow. That’s the wonderful thing about knitting- you get to wear cashmere around the house. 😉

  21. Sweet moments, those telltale pink cheeks. Hope your wee one is feeling better soon. When they are sick you do lose yourself in them don’t you. Hard job, but best joy I’ve ever had 😉

  22. I know the time warp thing…. when sick and a bit isolated or caring for another and/or reading a very engrossing book – suddenly you blink, see sun light and realize you’ve been away on many levels, just to return…

    love the cowl – so cherry.

    Will say a prayer for Silas. Poor boy! May you all be spared the illness – so much is going on right now… 🙁 Lord help!

  23. I hope he will be fine soon!

  24. I hope he is better.

  25. Poor little bub–I hate it when they’re sick. Hope he’s feeling better and the rest of the crew can stay healthy!

  26. Oh, I will pray for Silas. I do know what you mean about that time warp feeling – it happens to me when I give birth.

  27. I do hope wee Silas is feeling better today and that the illness skips right over the rest of you. I do so love when a book is like that. I will have to check that one out.

  28. Melanie Allred says:

    You should FOR SURE get a dog!!! :O)

  29. I do hope Silas is feeling better and I am praying everyone else stays healthy. Lots of elderberry syrup, grapefruit seed extract and raw apple cider vinegar might be in order, I think helps anyway. 🙂

  30. Oh no! Poor Silas. Speedy recovery! Sounds like a rough weekend! Hope you all got your flu shots. Ever since I had a nasty and miserable bout with the flu in 2001 I have been very diligent about it and it has paid off. Thank goodness for science and modern medicine!

  31. I’m assuming you’ve seen the dog rescue video – Fiona, the sweetest dog. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnYRhanK3XA

    I sincerely hope no one else gets the flu there!

  32. Love those snuggle pictures with mommy. Poor guy ~ get well soon.

  33. OMGitsaClaire says:

    Hope Silas feels better! Time to load the rest of the family up on vitamin C so no one else gets sick.
    My grandfather was in WWII and had a pet monkey that he acquired in the Philippines, although I don’t think he ever knitted for it. All I know about it was that it hated tall men, men with red hair and men with beards. Good thing my grandpa was 5’4″ and a clean-shaven soldier with dark hair. Monkeys make horrible pets.

  34. I hope Silas is feeling better today. Everyone avoids the fall to illness, especially Larkspur, it’s never fun to sick on your birthday. And what a thoughtful mother you are, planning ahead to ensure a happy birthday for her. One of those little things that may never be noticed but mean so much.

  35. Jennifer K says:

    So very well said! We always feel as though we are in a time warp with a bad illness, and when the little ones are still nursing everything blurs together so easily. Hope all is better!

  36. Teresa C says:

    It’s terrible when a little one falls ill. Best wishes for him and for you as well! I hope everyone else is spared.

  37. I hope Silas is feeling better and that everyone else is spared of it, as well. My son and I have been sick for over a week now too.

    Your cowl is so pretty, love that bright yellow.

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