Spring Flowers and Easter Wishes

Some of my kids have little rituals between just the two of them, little things that they share.  Beatrix will only let Seth remove her splinters.  Keats has pulled all four of Larkspur’s loose teeth as they’ve been ready.  The first time she had a loose tooth, she asked him to wait until she was asleep and then to pull it.  That didn’t work.  She’s far braver than I am, because I have to curl into a ball and look the other way while the actual pulling happens, although I do remember holding her in my lap, eyes squeezed shut as Keats pulled one of the last ones.  This time around, the deal was that if she let him pull her tooth, Keats would read to her from his book for a few minutes.

Despite crazy weather, and cold, cold, cold, the daffodils are blooming all over the place.  Larkspur scolds me for picking them.  When I explained that I only pick the ones from the woods, where we wouldn’t get to see them very much otherwise, she gave me a disapproving look and told me I still shouldn’t be picking them.  I’m a little confused, because from the moment she was able, Larkspur has been picking flowers and arranging them in little glass jars and vases.  Maybe it’s just the daffodils that she doesn’t want picked.  Or maybe she’s changing.  I’m curious to see how this flower season unfolds with her, my sweet little naturalist.

I have lots of making to do before Easter Sunday, and I’m not very confident that all will be done in time.  I’m not worried about it because obviously Easter isn’t about the perfect handmade gifts (or dresses,) but I’m still trying, doing a little here and a little there.

Some Easter links from the past:

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I’ll be popping back this weekend, or Monday at the very latest.  In the meantime, peace be with you!

Oh!  But one last thing!  Tonight at dinner, I noticed something strange on the Advent candles (nevermind the fact that we still have Advent candles sitting on top of the fridge.)  Evidently, a cocoon that the kids found last fall and brought into the house hatched (is that right? do you call it hatching?)  We thought the cocoon was empty because it had a hole in it, and it was evidently tossed up on top of the fridge, because I guess that’s where we stash things.  We watched this Cecropia moth “pump” it’s wings throughout dinner, but don’t think things are looking good for it.  It’s very cold outside, and probably too hot and dry inside.  Silas was a little terrified of it.  The rest of us thought it a wonderful surprise.



  1. Wendy Lister says:

    I love that last photo – precious!

  2. I love your photography! The kitty upside and then onto the forsythia photos was a great sequence!!

  3. may you have a blessed Easter 🙂

  4. Your blog is one of the very few that I actually look forward to reading any more. I love seeing your children learning and loving one another. The photos are beautiful and this reminds me of one winter when we had a monarch in our Christmas tree. I wonder if my children remember it? I didn’t sew an Easter dress this year, my sister has twin 13 year olds and she had given me some beautiful smocked dresses. There were two sz 6 smocked Easter dresses to choose from. I did spend 3 days making hair bows though?! (The ribbon came on spools of several yds and the hair clips came in a pkg of 25 so I started and didn’t stop……..)

  5. I love those beautiful yellows flowers. Very Cheerful 🙂

  6. Lovely snapshots and love the moth! 🙂 My friend had a similar thing happen and they had monarchs flying about their home!!!!

  7. This post reminded me of “Girl of the Limberlost” by Gene Stratton Porter and “Mandy” by Julie Andrews. I loved the first one and my daughter loved the second, and so did I. I love the moth. The tooth story made me squint and cringe. Happy Easter to you and yours.

  8. Your own little resurrection!

  9. Great pictures, as always & Happy Easter!

  10. Peace be with you!

  11. Your kids are all so adorable! Was that them in the act of the tooth pulling?!

    How funny Larkspur doesn’t want you to pick the flowers. Maybe it’s too early and she wants to give them a chance to grow.

    I’m kind of with Silas-that moth is cool but kind of creepy!

    Happy Easter!

  12. stories about your children always inspire and energize me toward my own motherhood dreams! i was practically an only child with my brothers 7 & 11 years older so i want my kids to be spaced where they can relate to each other.
    and that moth! wow!

  13. Oh how I miss Virginia’s Spring! I was “home” at the end of February and the crocuses were in full bloomat my moms house , not to mention daffodils here and there. The crocuses are just beginning to poke throught the snow here in Nh. I hope you and you family have a blessed Easter!

  14. A blessed easter to all of you.
    I am quite amazed about the moth and the fact that it hatched in your kitchen, but i would probably a little reluctant to come to close anyway!
    Oh pulling teeth !!

  15. Have a nice weekend Ginny 🙂 blessings to your fam!

  16. Have a blessed Easter weekend with your family! I am already looking forward to your latest post after the weekend 🙂

  17. I’m a nurse, yet something about my son’s loose teeth really bothers me. I hate when they’re loose and he bites down and I hear it moving in his mouth, if that makes any sense. Like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.

    That moth looks huge, cool looking, but kind of creepy. Bugs don’t bother me except when they’re in the house.

    Have a Happy Easter

  18. I’m with Silas and I’m quite the naturalist. 🙂

    Happy Holy Week my friend!


  19. Oh, Keats & Lark are just too cute. Also, love that photo of all the yellow & white in the windowsill. I wonder if we will ever see flowers again. I’m actually getting tired of winter at this point. Probably all the sickness. Oh, well. And, I’m with Silas on the moth. Great to see a picture of it, no need to see it in person. See, I’m the way you are about pulling teeth, only about bugs. Pulling teeth or the sight of blood or anything like that doesn’t bother me one bit!

  20. Oh my! That moth is huge!!

    I was looking at those pictures and I was struck by how they are growing up and then you mention changing. I am so blown away by each of my children every day and how they are changing and growing into such fascinating people.

  21. Your new moth friend is amazing! 🙂 What a nice surprise! I also love to hear about the connections that brothers and sisters make.

  22. You have a beautiful family…. It is a joy to read your blog.

  23. So nice to read you as always. Beautiful moth.

  24. What a gorgeous moth! So jealous of your spring. We are still waiting…

  25. lol @ Silas. I think I would be scared 🙂

  26. it is neat to see how the children grow and change! Blessed rest of your Holy Week and Easter!

  27. My first thoughts about that newly “hatched” moth would be “will it lay eggs that hatch pests in my organic garden?”

  28. That’s funny you mentioned “cold, cold cold” – because as I was scrolling down the page and enjoying the photos of the daffodils and forsythia (and before I read anything) I was thinking to myself – “ah, I can just feel the warmth of the sun in those pics!”

  29. aaahhh……pulling loose teeth….makes me just cringe….I can’t stand it! My kids call my Dad to come and pull them if they can’t do it themselves. He has become the official tooth puller!
    Thanks for all those great Easter links.

    Wishing you and your beautiful family and blessed Easter. It’s been a long 40 days for me….looking forward to the celebrations.

  30. Very neat seeing the moth hatch! My kids like to find moths inside and call them their pets. I love Silas’s face 🙂

  31. All really great pictures! That is a wonderful surprise! That little Silas face is so precious. Happy Easter xoxo

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