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  1. We were all giddy waiting and watching and I felt so close to Catholic friends on the other side of the world. My six year old daughter wants to be a Swiss Guard now, I think she likes the clothes ๐Ÿ™‚ .

  2. I am not Catholic but what a beautiful day at the Vatican and such a show of unity in faith and countries. Simply beautiful. The new Pope seems to be a good example to us ALL on humility and love.

  3. Your blog is always beautiful. I am not a Catholic but I think the new Pope has a beautiful face, very pure as had the last two Popes.

  4. I am no longer a Catholic, but will certainly be praying for Pope Francis. I believe Christians of all faiths were holding their breath, and happy that a firm follower of Christ is now Pope.
    blessings, jill

  5. Francesca B. says:

    And I baked a cake to celebrate, a honey and rosemary one to be precise,,,,because it doesn’t happen every day that there’s a new Pope named “after me”….(me and my sister are Francesca and Chiara, for obvious reasons…)

    • Oh, what wonderful names!! St. Francis of Assisi is my patron saint and I am just so thrilled about our new Pope!

      • Francesca B. says:

        I was born October 1st (St Therese of Lisieux!)and St. Francis is October 4th and my sister was born August 15th and St.Clare is August 11th! Your children have beautiful names too, especially Beatrix. My cousin had her second daughter last February 26th and she named her Beatrice, like her mum. My favourite name!

      • I was so excited that our Pope chose the name Francis – the name of my patron as I finish my RCIA!

  6. Such beautiful pictures that capture the feelings of the day – the rebirth of the earth after the winter sleep, coupled with a revitalization of the catholic church and hopeful, uplifting feelings moving forward. Thank you.

  7. Beautiful photos! I felt a little jealous that they were taken in daylight – we had to wake up in the middle of the night to watch (but, it was so worth it)! It was our first election as Catholics – my daughter and I entered in Nov. 2010, and my husband and boys the following March. We are so happy that Pope Francis was elected on the 2nd anniversary of my husband entering the Church and our 3 sons’ baptisms – at our parish which is attached to a Franciscan friary!! Viva il Papa Francesco!

  8. I am not Catholic but I thought of you as I waited with the world yesterday. The new Pope seems like a truly good man.

  9. Viva il Papa!

    Your pictures make me miss Virginia so much! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Hi! The picture with your kids watching white smoke and those guards made me smile as well. We took a photo of all of us in front of white smoke, yet it was already evening here.

  11. Seeing your kids in front of the screen made me smile. My children were watching with great excitement, too.

  12. Habemus Papam!

    Such a lightheartedness in our home today after yesterday’s wonderful news. A humble and yet serious man. I am excited to read some of his writings and teachings. A new Spring for us and for the Church!

  13. Totally love the guy!! Such humility and love for others, it will be good to see a focus on social justice issues. The news really brightened my day.


  14. Lovely pictures – all of them!! Looking forward to seeing signs of spring here in northern Indiana. God bless Pope Francis!

  15. Is congratulations an appropriate thing to say? Nachus? Anyway, I’m am happy for you all. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I had tears of joy in my eyes while watching yesterday. It’s my first papal election since my conversion in 2009. Oh – how wonderful it is to be a Catholic!

  17. No longer Catholic, of course, but still was anxious to hear the news. (You can take the girl out of the Church but not the Church out of the girl, apparently.) We had our little Wednesday-afternoon homeschool playgroup and a little after 3 o’clock I said, “I wonder if there’s a new Pope yetโ€ฆ” and a few minutes later one of my friends got a news alert about it on her phone. I’m glad all my Catholic friends are so pleased with the selection. xo

  18. If I wasn’t so happy with having a new pope, I would be very jealous of those lovely blooms. We are in Canada and it is still a couple of months before we get there. Wasn’t it thrilling to watch the white smoke appear?

  19. Beautiful. Savouring the day with you.

  20. Ashley M. says:

    It’s so exciting to be a Catholic right now, isn’t it? I was just struck by how humble and nice he seems!! God Bless Pope Francis!!

  21. I was really touched by his first words and his name choice.

  22. Oh, it’s just all so thrilling! I am so giddy, almost no words. Still just feeling so inspired by his serene, peaceful, humble demeanor. He’s going to be a good one! Pope Francis!

    We are about one month behind you on signs of spring. Hopefully we’ll start to see blooming thugs by early April. One bummer about our new house is that the previous owners (of 33 or 34 years) never planted anything so we don’t have anything to look forward to blooming in our yard this year. Hopefully we can get some things planted although I’ll admit to finding it overwhelming.

  23. We are so excited that he choose St. Francis as his saint name. Our Gaelan is St Francis too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. We are not Catholic but my children attend Catholic school and the announcement was being made as school was dismissing yesterday. My daughter texted me and said “may we stay in Mrs. ______’s room so we can see the new Pope as he comes out”, of course I obliged. I was proud that my kids were so excited to be with their Catholic friends and share in their excitement.

  25. It’s wonderful, I cried tears of joy.
    Habemus Papam!

  26. So excited for our forsythia to start blooming. We have huge (overgrown really) bushes at the top of our driveway and they are my favorite thing to drive up to in the evenings after work.

  27. us too! my oldest is almost 4 and didn’t understand why i was crying ;). we are celebrating our first year as catholics and days like yesterday made me really proud to be catholic and see such public signs of church unity! even the fact that it happened so quickly speaks volumes! god bless you and your family! your blog has been an inspiration to me and mind :).

  28. We’re at a bit higher elevation than you, here in Botetourt, so spring is about, oh, a week behind Roanoke, but the maple tree flowers are out and I’m waiting for the forsythia and tulip trees to flower!

  29. Can’t believe you have all these things blooming! It snowed all day here yesterday (no accumulation) and everything is frozen. But my tulips, daffodils and crocus are popping up so hopefully we are not too far behind here in Northern Indiana!

  30. underthebigbluesky says:

    Love this first glance of spring. We have no blooms yet. Cannot wait for those first bursts of daffodils and forsythia.

    I am not Catholic, but listening to the live broadcast on the radio yesterday I was completely swept up by the celebration. I had wished the girls and I were all home to watch and learn more!

  31. Habemus Papam!

    Also, I love how you can make Creeping Charlie look beautiful. That stuff has completely ruined my lawn over the past few years and is impossible to get rid of! Still, gorgeous pictures!

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