On Saturday

Saturday afternoon, while helping me shovel out the chicken coop, Beatrix remarked, “This is just like digging for treasure, kuh-cept (except) we’re getting manure.”

I want her outlook, all the time.


  1. Man, what a great attitude! Gorgeous pictures too! I love the chicken one. I can’t wait to have chickens!

  2. Love it when kids say things that put life in perspective! That happens often here.
    That bed of green made me miss my garlic rows about now…

  3. Thank you! I loved that!

  4. I’d like a dose of that attitude too please!

  5. dairygran says:

    I love her attitude. The yellow fabric is wonderful. I don’t think I’ve ever read the book. Going to get and read to my grandchildren.

  6. One of my favorite books!!

  7. Great outlook! Behind the Attic Wall was one of my favorite books when I was little.

  8. What a special little soul! I love the new look here! And the colors in this series of pictures are really rich.

    • Thank you! As much as I love gray, I couldn’t look at it here for another day. Must be because spring is in the air!

  9. Oh my gosh, you are growing things and working the soil! We are still in the snow.
    What a great comment, the wisdom of children!

    • It’s just the garlic I planted last fall! We haven’t planted any spring seeds yet. We keep fluctuating between warm and freezing!

  10. oh gosh that is simply divine! what an attitude when shovelling **** xxx love her! x

  11. She’s a smart cookie, that little girl of yours… xo

  12. love the new header! Your daughter is a funny one, glad she is a positive thinking person!!

  13. Oh! Are you making the fabric covered windows to hang on the wall?! (sorry, can’t think of what they are called right now!)

    • Those are actually cabinet doors from our downstairs bathroom. I put fabric over the glass, because I was tired of looking through the windows into my cabinet of ugly spray bottles and cleaning stuff etc.

  14. I want her outlook, too ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope our Beatrix (18 months old) will have the same positive attitude as well ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Oh those chooks! I’m envious of your treasure digging… My 4 year old daughter would love it! Your pictures are reflect a simple and natural life…

    Sophie xo

  16. I remember that I owned and devoured “Behind the Attic Wall” a few times but now I can’t seem to remember what it was about. ::sigh::

    • an orphan girl living with spinster aunts in an old boarding school and dolls in the attic…who talk! and when they do, the author puts their words in all caps which makes it so magical for some reason, at least I thought so when I was a kid.

  17. Out of the mouth of babes!

  18. So wonderful! And, I agree with Missy above–manure is a fabulous treasure!

  19. violicous says:

    behind the attic wall is hands down my favorite childhood book, i still have my old copy!

  20. …maybe after two years of coming here daily and maybe only two comments I’ll start speaking up more regularly. I just wanted to say that coming to this space of yours on the internet is so refreshing and peaceful. I think I’ll cut some forsythia branches today and force their blooms. We live in Maryland, so we’re just a couple weeks behind you. I’m getting so excited for Spring looking at these recent photos of yours. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Love that mustard yellow fabric…or is it curtains. Can I ask where you purchased it? Beautiful.

  22. Isn’t that just a wonderful way to look at things, so positive indeed!

  23. What a doll!

    I do love your blog. Never sanctimonious (like some other homeschooling, Christian blogs). Always wonderful and inspiring!

  24. I love her positive outlook! I want to be like that too!

  25. Hee hee! My 4 yr old says kuh-ploded as in “the cars crashed and kuh-ploded” good to see it is universal.

  26. Well, she’s right.

  27. That’s hilarious! Too bad we can’t keep that concept in our hearts all the time! (I love Behind the Attic Wall and have read it many times.)

    • This is my fourth time reading it, but my first time sharing it with my girls (Bea is a little too young and bored by it so far)

  28. Love her outlook-I bet that made the job more light. Behind the attic wall is my favorite (of all time) book. We own 2 copies(one for me and one for my children!) Such treasure!

    • Katrina, it was my favorite when I was a kid! I have read it several times and am so excited to be reading it to my girls, even though Beatrix is bored with it so far.

  29. Oh, but manure is treasure for the garden!

  30. God bless the children!
    Your photos!!

  31. Ha!! At 40 weeks pregnant with no signs of baby, her wisdom speaks volumes to me!! Love what comes out of our children’s mouths sometimes :).

  32. Out of the mouths of babes!

  33. A bright side to the mundane…Beatrix has the right idea!

  34. Me too. I want that attitude all the time.

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