I was wrong.

Yesterday, we woke to snow on the ground again, so yes I was wrong about the end of winter.  I thought surely that last snow was a fluke.  Last year at this time I think my English peas had been in the ground for about a month, and I was already planting all sorts of other stuff in the garden.  You just can’t count on Virginia weather to be consistent.  This endless winter is starting to get to all of us I think.  Boredom and maybe a little frustration are coursing through everyone, and yesterday I heard myself telling the poor girls, “I’m not your entertainer.  You’ll have to figure out what to do on your own,” in response to their cries of “We don’t know what to do!”

The snow wasn’t really enough to mean a fun snow day for the kids, it was just cold and wet and kind of yucky after the first five minutes, so we settled for finding things to do inside.  My rainy day favorite is always Alphabet Glue, so I pulled out some easy bookmaking instructions from issue 11 along with materials, and we spent the latter part of the morning making books.  I’m still waiting for Larkspur to become interested in reading and writing (we work a little each day, but she’s not highly motivated yet,) and I think making little blank books is a good motivator.  They just beg to be filled with little words and ideas.

Looking ahead at the ten day forecast (a little obsession of mine) it appears that the cold is sticking around for awhile longer.  So I guess Trudy will continue to be found sitting at her post in front of the woodstove.  Sometimes she falls asleep upright, facing the stove, her face pointed directly into the warm air being blown from it.  Funny girl.

Speaking of funny girls, Beatrix arrived on the dinner scene last night wearing evidence that I don’t always remember my reusable grocery bags when I go shopping:

Alphabet Glue

And finally, it’s the second anniversary of Alphabet Glue, and Annie is having a huge sale! We love Alphabet Glue, and I bet you would too!  It’s such a great resource for families, and it’s very affordable.  With 30% off you can’t go wrong!


  1. That Beatrix has style! Love it!

  2. Im tired of cold too, we had some 80 degree weather and then back to chilly….but at least no snow. Wonderful pictures.

  3. Ohmygosh, that last shot caught me by surprise! Gemma does this every time we get back from a shopping trip–she makes “overalls”! So funny.

    Yes, we had spring this morning and snow flurries this afternoon, and now the sky is blue again. Freaky.

  4. I hope one day that Beatrix has her own blog. That kid is hilarious!

  5. My son needed extra help with reading after second grade. That summer we concentrated on it and he has been an avid reader ever since….he’s now 33! Love the grocery bag outfit….we always said our girls would be bag ladies! We are in Utah and still waiting for spring…it keeps teasing us and then snows again.

  6. At least you have bulbs up and other signs of spring. It’s been flurrying here all day in Toronto and I’m planning to go skiing tomorrow. Don’t remember every doing that on the first day of spring. Hope it gets going soon.

  7. The creativity of Beatrice’s outfit is amazing! My son (now 21) didn’t really take off reading until he was almost done with 1st grade. It just “clicks” at different times for each child. He now reads ALL THE TIME! Don’t worry.

  8. Magdalena says:

    I’m from Poland. Winter came back to our country too.
    I love your blog and family!

  9. We are so over this Winter, and were also disappointed by the snow on the ground yesterday! Looks like snow may be in Virginia’s forecast for next Monday, but I am hoping they are wrong. Love the lighting in your kitchen, and the photo of all the kids working so intently!

  10. I love that there’s not a hint of irony or silliness in Bea’s face. Just your average girl wearing several grocery bags.

  11. You probably thought nothing of it, but thanks for mentioning that you’re waiting for Larkspur to become motivated to read/write. I’m waiting patiently with my daughter as well and sometimes I feel a little judged that she’s not there yet.

    Spring will come!

  12. We had about four inches yesterday which I didn’t even know was predicted. Most of it is melted AND the sun is shining! That is the most important-sun. Love that daughter of yours, very entertaining, indeed!

  13. HaHa – love the plastic bag picture. My sweet daughter tried to make a bathing suit out of them when she was that age…. something about those bags must speak “clothing” to these little ones:) Love it!!

  14. Bea certainly is a pistol! Never a dull moment with her! I love it. 🙂

  15. Hahahah Beatrix!! That’s hilarious!

    Sorry you guys are stuck inside again. But the bookmaking looks like so much fun! I hope Larkspur gets inspired-writing and reading are the best-especially for snow days!

  16. Beatrix was being very “Green” but perhaps she is taking the concept of upcycling a little too far:) Hee, Hee. That is a wonderfully funny picture! That you for documenting the funny,very normal moments life sends your way.

  17. Love, love. love that picture of Beatrix! Such a normal household. At least ares was like this too when the children were growing up. Lots of love and business.
    I agree about winter. I’m so done with it and ready for springtime.

  18. That last photo just made me laugh! Which is just what I needed because it’s snowing here again too….

  19. My almost 4 yo son loves to do that too! He calls them his overalls.

  20. Ginny,
    do you know if Alphabet Glue is downloadableto an Ipad?

    • I don’t know–I don’t have an Ipad, and am pretty ignorant about them. I am sure if you popped over to Annie’s blog (http://birdandlittlebird.typepad.com/) and asked her, she’d be quick with a reply!

    • Hi Laura!

      There is an iPad app, actually, but I think that what is even easier is to just go the regular route of purchasing the PDF files and then opening them in iBooks or another PDF reader on your iPad. If you have any questions about how to do it, feel free to email me at birdmail@gmail.com and I can totally walk you through it!

  21. That last picture cracked me up — of course I know you’re a safe mama, but it sort of looks like an exercise in, “What’s not safe in this picture?”

    • Yeah, you’re right! It does possibly give the wrong impression! She didn’t remain in that position for more than a few seconds, but of course I had to document it.

  22. That Beatrix! So I saw some gluten free boxes? Are you all G-F? My son and I just finished a month of G-F. We were doing an elimanation diet to see if it would help some of our issues….it didn’t and I broke my gluten fast with some biscuits and mac and cheese!! 😉

    We got ice here yesterday in Indiana…enjoyed an extra day with my sweeties as school was canceled!

  23. Oh, I hear you. It just snowed about 10″ the past few days, and there is more on the horizon. Living in northern Alberta (Canada), we just never count on winter being done until LATE MAY. No joke. We often get snow on the 3rd weekend of May. It makes for a long winter and very short summer (sadly).

    Our dogs spend much of their time in the house in front of the heat registers with their faces pointed towards the hot air, too (hehe). So cute. We have taken to playing fetch and playing with them in our living room during the winter so they don’t spend all their time sleeping and lazing around.

    That photo of Beatrix is HILARIOUS. It reminds me of when we were younger, my sister and I jumped off our kitchen table with plastic grocery bags looped behind us as “parachutes”.. They never did stop us from plumetting to the ground quite quickly 🙂

  24. Me too…I put away our heated chicken waterer this weekend. Sweet Husband had to get it back out this morning…darn it, where is spring?!

  25. LOL. I burst out in laughter when I saw that picture of Beatrix!! Totally something my kids would do! 😉

  26. love the picture of Trudy!

  27. Ha!! My kids have been known to make plastic bag wardrobes as well. They always want to keep them…for dress up after they have made them. I, ahem, tend to disagree and usually whisk them away before anyone notices.


  28. Ginny,
    Do not dispair. My daughter fiddled around at a kindergarten reading level, until about halfway through 2nd grade. At age 7 1/2 something clicked and the world of books is now of utmost importance to her. Often she will get up from her 1hr of quiet time and tell me that she spent the whole time reading. She now reads very well and only occasionally asks me for pronunciation help. The only downside to all of this reading is that now she reads roadsigns as well, which can result in alot of explaining.

  29. It snowed here in NJ too ~ but then it never stays… It is hard when the kids have to be inside a lot… hang in there…!

  30. Ha! The next fashion trend, maybe?

    We’ve had about 2 inches of snow since yesterday on top of the 6 or so that was still left. We have lambs arriving soon so I so hope it warms up just a little more in the next few weeks!

  31. lol – you have the most creative family 🙂 Looks like they found something to do!

  32. I love her costume, what was she imagining?

  33. Beatrix’s outfit is HILARIOUS!

  34. Winter is holding on tight here in North East Scotland too! Last year on this day, we had the paddling pool out. Crazy!

  35. Yes, I thought spring was here as well. Of course, that was just silly of me considering I live in Maine 🙂 But, like you, last year my peas were already coming up in the garden, and I was planting greens. I love the books! I think need to do that with my kids!

  36. Bea the bag lady:)

    Don’t feel bad. I always forget mine as well- and oftentimes they are in the back of the car! I never think about them until I am in the store and then I’m too lazy to go back out and get them.

  37. Ha! Plastic bags have been banned here so if we forget our reusable ones we have to pile the groceries in the cart (which is not fun when you are shopping for nine) or buy paper from the store. So. Cannot forget (I do all the time) .

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