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Spring Flowers and Easter Wishes

Some of my kids have little rituals between just the two of them, little things that they share.  Beatrix will only let Seth remove her splinters.  Keats has pulled all four of Larkspur’s loose teeth as they’ve been ready.  The first time she had a loose tooth, she asked him to wait until she was asleep and then to pull it.  That didn’t work.  She’s far braver than I am, because I have to curl into a ball and look the other way while the actual pulling happens, although I do remember holding her in my lap, eyes squeezed shut as Keats pulled one of the last ones.  This time around, the deal was that if she let him pull her tooth, Keats would read to her from his book for a few minutes.

Despite crazy weather, and cold, cold, cold, the daffodils are blooming all over the place.  Larkspur scolds me for picking them.  When I explained that I only pick the ones from the woods, where we wouldn’t get to see them very much otherwise, she gave me a disapproving look and told me I still shouldn’t be picking them.  I’m a little confused, because from the moment she was able, Larkspur has been picking flowers and arranging them in little glass jars and vases.  Maybe it’s just the daffodils that she doesn’t want picked.  Or maybe she’s changing.  I’m curious to see how this flower season unfolds with her, my sweet little naturalist.

I have lots of making to do before Easter Sunday, and I’m not very confident that all will be done in time.  I’m not worried about it because obviously Easter isn’t about the perfect handmade gifts (or dresses,) but I’m still trying, doing a little here and a little there.

Some Easter links from the past:

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I’ll be popping back this weekend, or Monday at the very latest.  In the meantime, peace be with you!

Oh!  But one last thing!  Tonight at dinner, I noticed something strange on the Advent candles (nevermind the fact that we still have Advent candles sitting on top of the fridge.)  Evidently, a cocoon that the kids found last fall and brought into the house hatched (is that right? do you call it hatching?)  We thought the cocoon was empty because it had a hole in it, and it was evidently tossed up on top of the fridge, because I guess that’s where we stash things.  We watched this Cecropia moth “pump” it’s wings throughout dinner, but don’t think things are looking good for it.  It’s very cold outside, and probably too hot and dry inside.  Silas was a little terrified of it.  The rest of us thought it a wonderful surprise.