Archives for March 19, 2013

I was wrong.

Yesterday, we woke to snow on the ground again, so yes I was wrong about the end of winter.  I thought surely that last snow was a fluke.  Last year at this time I think my English peas had been in the ground for about a month, and I was already planting all sorts of other stuff in the garden.  You just can’t count on Virginia weather to be consistent.  This endless winter is starting to get to all of us I think.  Boredom and maybe a little frustration are coursing through everyone, and yesterday I heard myself telling the poor girls, “I’m not your entertainer.  You’ll have to figure out what to do on your own,” in response to their cries of “We don’t know what to do!”

The snow wasn’t really enough to mean a fun snow day for the kids, it was just cold and wet and kind of yucky after the first five minutes, so we settled for finding things to do inside.  My rainy day favorite is always Alphabet Glue, so I pulled out some easy bookmaking instructions from issue 11 along with materials, and we spent the latter part of the morning making books.  I’m still waiting for Larkspur to become interested in reading and writing (we work a little each day, but she’s not highly motivated yet,) and I think making little blank books is a good motivator.  They just beg to be filled with little words and ideas.

Looking ahead at the ten day forecast (a little obsession of mine) it appears that the cold is sticking around for awhile longer.  So I guess Trudy will continue to be found sitting at her post in front of the woodstove.  Sometimes she falls asleep upright, facing the stove, her face pointed directly into the warm air being blown from it.  Funny girl.

Speaking of funny girls, Beatrix arrived on the dinner scene last night wearing evidence that I don’t always remember my reusable grocery bags when I go shopping:

Alphabet Glue

And finally, it’s the second anniversary of Alphabet Glue, and Annie is having a huge sale! We love Alphabet Glue, and I bet you would too!  It’s such a great resource for families, and it’s very affordable.  With 30% off you can’t go wrong!