Archives for March 8, 2013

Winter’s Last Hurrah part II

The igloo was a proud achievement for my boys.  I didn’t go inside it myself, but all the kids and at least one cat did.  Silas was pushed in, and promptly backed right back out.  This snow day for him was a sort of lull between feeling terrible and feeling terrible again as he developed a double ear infection.  What a week it’s been.  Jonny and I are exhausted.  Today I am hoping to put away the drying rack covered with coats that has been occupying most of one room, and maybe I will clean up the mountain of gloves at the back door.  The snow is melting, and this weekend’s highs are in the low 60s.  As difficult as it’s been to have the whole snow thing going on along with a sick Silas, I’m so glad that my kids got this last bit of winter.  We haven’t had snow like this in a few years, and I don’t remember the last time there was snow in March.  I think I like early March snow, because underneath it, the signs of spring are hiding.  The buds and early flowers peek through here and there, reminding me that this is fleeting, and soon it will be warm, if not the very next weekend.  We placed our seed order and our honeybee order this week.  Now all we need is some energy!