On a Saturday

We oftentimes use weekends to get caught up on work around the house. We try to include fun and sometimes a little of doing nothing. Who says we always need to be productive with our time? Well, sometimes I do.  Relaxing isn’t my special talent. On this Saturday Jonny painted trim, and I ran laundry.  He read to the kids and visited with a friend while I ironed and replaced the slipcover on our kitchen loveseat.  I love having a place to sit in the kitchen, but it gets really dirty.  Larkspur spent the entire day outdoors doing her own work.  I believe she washed lots of dishes and concocted delicacies for the chickens in her mudpie kitchen.  She’s opening a restaurant from what I hear.  Silas got into lots of trouble before he finally took a long nap.  I started a new cross stitch piece (from this book,) and spent more time than I usually do reading. I finished Mary Emma & Company.   The boys studied some contour maps online before taking off for the woods behind a neighbor’s house, hoping to find some fossils.  They didn’t, but came home full of stories.  The house is a big mess, but I think I’m going to start a new book today.  I’ve also got a surprise box of goodies from my Aunt Genie to dig through.  We can clean up later.

p.s.  All your votes added up to Small Things making it to the final round in The Homies’s Best Family & Kids blog award.  Thank you!  Would you pop over and vote for me one more time?  I need your votes again!  I am up against some pretty big blogs over there, and it would be so exciting to win!  I can’t do it without you!  Even if you didn’t vote in round one, please consider voting in the finals!


  1. Just voted! 🙂 You are ahead on Monday night!

  2. I voted!! And I think you definitely have an awesome blog!! I love checking here for book recommendations or new knitting patterns. You are very real about your life and your family, and I love that you share that with us!

  3. Nancy Mosley says:

    I tried to vote but it seems the voting has ended unless I misunderstood. It looks like you’ve won and so that is great!!!! I have enjoyed your blog so much.

  4. I just stumbled on your blog. How did I miss it before? What a lovely place you have. (I have a Silas too, he’s my youngest.)

    I struggle with feeling the need to always be productive. We’ve been trying to bring more creative time to our lives lately, and the balance it has brought is a beautiful thing indeed. Everything in moderation, yes?

  5. We’re productive most weekends but sometimes your just HAVE to have a slower one.
    This weekend was one of those for me. I did the bare essentials of feeding the animals, cooking, cleaning the kitchen and washing the clothes. I indulged in a whole 2 hours of reading, along with a nap and felt so much better for it. I think if I hadn’t had a restful weekend I wouldn’t have been able to do as much as I have done today 🙂


  6. Voted as much as I could. I checked out a few of the other contenders and I like you way more!

  7. I voted! Thank you for sharing some of your adventures with us! Inspiring and refreshing 🙂

  8. I struggle to relax on the weekends too. I can’t wait to see what new book you are reading in the Yarn Along this week.

  9. Just voted for you. I enjoy your blog so much, especially the beautiful photos you post!Good luck!!

  10. Love the pictures and book suggestions. Have a blessed day.

  11. Yours is my favorite blog…. you are so honest with what it is like to enjoy and raise a large family! Of course I voted a second time. Thanks for the encouragement, it means a lot to me!

  12. I thoroughly approve of staring a new book when the house is in a mess. The house will wait. House work is the only thing in this life that is patient!

  13. I really, really love that you can say things like “The house is a big mess, but I think I’m going to start a new book today,” and it’s not a joke. You remind me of my own mom, and I mean that as the biggest compliment.

  14. Ginny,
    I love that first picture of Silas with the big smile.


    P.S. Just voted for you again. Good luck!

    P.P.S. Got the book “Mommies say shh” from the library because of your recommendation. We love it and now I want to buy our own copy.

  15. Exciting you made it to the finals! Just voted again!

  16. Voted x I hope you win, I love your blog, silas is about 6 months older than my 2nd and I love seeing what he is up to – it helps me prepare!

  17. I always find interesting books from your blog. I requested the embroidery book and Mary Emma from my library.

  18. I love your blog and your family. It’s the first thing I read every morning. I like how honest you are sharing your wonderful family, the good and the bad and inbetween. I just voted for you and it looks like youre in the lead!

  19. Voted!
    Happy day, Ginny! 🙂

  20. I voted!!

    I can’t wait to see your completed bathroom! Is the upstairs one fixed?

    • Thank you!! and No…we are going to have to buy a new faucet set upstairs, and considering that we just replaced it within the past year, we’re not very motivated. We can still take baths up there, just not showers. The downstairs bath is finished with the exception of a bit of painting. It looks really good, I think!

  21. voted – you are up by 1 point in finals…!!!

  22. Voted… good luck 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you go in your “surprise box”. How fun!

  23. I just tried to vote for you again….but it said that voting has ended….and YOU WON!! Congrats! 🙂

    • Oh, I wish! But that was the first set of votes–to vote in the finals, there is a list of the six blogs in a box up top–I think they call it a survey. You just select the one you are voting for and then hit submit!! Thanks, Brenda!

  24. Voted! (Yours has to be one of my all time favourite blogs … it reminds me of when I was homeschooling my kids here in the UK.)

    Please tell us which book your beautiful embroidery is from 🙂

  25. I did try to vote for you, but somehow I can’t get logged into that account. I tried using FB but no luck there either. SO I tried. I hope you win! I love your blog.

  26. got my vote!

    a surprise box—-always fun!!! hope you find some treasures.

  27. Voted. You are in the top!

  28. I voted again! What do you get if you win?

  29. I’d love to know more about the cross stitch pattern. What book is it? And what linen are you using? Did you like the cashel from the posie kit? I bought two of her patterns and am excited to start them.

    • Hi Missy! It’s from Alicia Paulson’s Embroidery Companion. The linen isn’t my favorite–not cashel, but something I bought at a local shop. I have bought everything to start another of her patterns next–this time with the cashel linen. It’s so nice!

  30. Beautiful cross stitch work here, high up on my list of things I want to learn this year!

  31. I love love love your blog!
    You seem so calm and relaxed. Pictures from the house makes me want to be there! LOVE IT!

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