Archives for February 18, 2013

Pinhole Viewboxes (for you!)

Seth, my oldest son, is not usually the child to dive into projects unrelated to coins or fossil collecting.  So, when I recently printed up the instructions for the pinhole viewboxes in the latest volume of Alphabet Glue, I assumed that it would be Keats who would make one.  Seth picked up the instructions though, and immediately started getting excited about making one of these camera-ish contraptions for himself.  Over the next day or two, this little shoebox camera was very popular and my children were all, at one time or another, seen cloaked in quilts.  One box wasn’t enough, so Keats and Gabe decided to make their own as well.  I spent some time under the quilt trying to make out objects myself.  We all had fun with these!

My friend Annie, the creator of Alphabet Glue is sharing this project from volume 11 with all of you today!  The following pdf contains not only instructions on how to make a pinhole viewbox, but a camera and photography inspired booklist as well!  You can donwload the pdf by clicking this link:  Pinhole Viewboxes.

I hope you guys have as much fun with these as we did!