Archives for February 10, 2013

On a Saturday

We oftentimes use weekends to get caught up on work around the house. We try to include fun and sometimes a little of doing nothing. Who says we always need to be productive with our time? Well, sometimes I do.  Relaxing isn’t my special talent. On this Saturday Jonny painted trim, and I ran laundry.  He read to the kids and visited with a friend while I ironed and replaced the slipcover on our kitchen loveseat.  I love having a place to sit in the kitchen, but it gets really dirty.  Larkspur spent the entire day outdoors doing her own work.  I believe she washed lots of dishes and concocted delicacies for the chickens in her mudpie kitchen.  She’s opening a restaurant from what I hear.  Silas got into lots of trouble before he finally took a long nap.  I started a new cross stitch piece (from this book,) and spent more time than I usually do reading. I finished Mary Emma & Company.   The boys studied some contour maps online before taking off for the woods behind a neighbor’s house, hoping to find some fossils.  They didn’t, but came home full of stories.  The house is a big mess, but I think I’m going to start a new book today.  I’ve also got a surprise box of goodies from my Aunt Genie to dig through.  We can clean up later.

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