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on “Cute Day”

Tuesday evening I had a really great idea.  We would label Wednesday, “Cute Day.”  On Cute Day, Silas and Beatrix would be sure to wake up completely recovered from the respiratory illness that just won’t quit, there would be no non-stop crying, and we would all make little cute things and be happy.  I’m a little low on sleep right now.  Evidently, I am also lacking in the coming up with creative titles department.

For some reason, the day didn’t work out as planned.  I spent most of Wednesday morning nursing Silas and reading to Beatrix so they wouldn’t cry, while Larkspur observed that it sure didn’t seem like Cute Day.  Eventually nap time arrived for Silas and we quickly pulled out every single craft supply we own and made four cute little walnut babies (idea from this book) before the girls decided that Cute Day was kind of boring.  I guess I didn’t have enough ideas.  They decided to go outside and make mud pies.  It was such a pretty day that I thought that was a good plan.  I also realized that making small cute things with small cute children is very challenging.

The boys joined me and made a few of their own things before I cleaned up the craft mess.  Keats made a pinecone owl along with some fancy origami and a weaving loom from a plastic salad container.  He is quite resourceful.

I do think the illness has finally passed for my little ones.  I have high hopes for today.  Maybe a Library Day?

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p.p.s. I made a Silas collage.