Archives for February 4, 2013


We started this weekend kind of slow, but then something happened and we started cranking out projects.

Backing up a bit, I keep forgetting to share photos of the Honey Cowl I knit for my friend Lori’s birthday.  Last year I knit her a ruffled scarf.  I think this one of the very first gifts I ever knit for someone outside my immediate family.  The scarf went missing on a trip shortly after I gave it to her.  Lori stressed about how to break the news to me, and ended up doing it somewhat abruptly at dinner one night with friends.  I will admit that I didn’t take it particularly well.  I think I cried something along the lines of, “Why are you telling me this???!!!!”  followed by, “Do you have any idea how hard it was to endure those super long purl rows?”  Lori doesn’t knit.  She doesn’t know about purling of course, but in the moment I couldn’t think straight.  Later, I regretted not handling the news more gracefully.  Telling a friend that you’ve lost the ruffled scarf she knit you is surely quite painful, possibly more painful than purling very long ruffled rows.  I decided to knit her something new to make up for the awfulness of it all.  I had over a skein left of the yarn I had knit the scarf with, and decided that the simple Honey Cowl would make good use of it, and be less likely to be misplaced/lost/stolen.  (We recently concluded that the ruffled scarf must have been stolen.  It was just too fabulous.)  The cowl is lovely, but hopefully not theft worthy.  But Lori?  If you lose it, this time I won’t lose my cool.  I’ll just knit you something else, but in a different color.  I’ve seen enough of that yarn.

Moving on to projects.  First off, I bought a new address book.  It’s simple and perfect for me.  There aren’t any writing prompts, which I love.  That leaves plenty of room to include extra information such as birthdays, names of my friends’ children, and other important tidbits.  I bought my previous address book as a teenager and it has seen better days.  I spent some time over the weekend copying down names and information from the old book and various other places.  It’s a pretty soothing activity.

It snowed off and on all weekend, but the snow didn’t stick.  The kids were disappointed by that, but I thought it was pretty great.  I worked on knitting and cross stitching when I could, and Jonny grouted the tile around the downstairs bathtub (!!!!!!!)  I got a few photos of the hat that I knit for Gabriel a week or two ago.  I really like the way the pattern I improvised worked out (I basically combined a couple of patterns–details on Ravelry.)  Jonny, Seth, and Keats all want new hats just like it now too.  I realized after I finished this hat, that Gabe actually has quite a few handknit hats, while the others do not.  Oops!  I guess I just like knitting hats for Gabe.

The biggest and best project that was accomplished this weekend was by the amazing Jonny.  We’ve had track lighting that we really didn’t like in our kitchen for the past ten years.  The light was distributed poorly and the fixture itself was just ugly.  It completely stopped working a couple of months ago, and while Jonny quickly installed a new fixture to aim light at the sink and stove, the rest of the kitchen has been pretty dark ever since.  This weekend he decided it was time to remedy that and install some recessed lighting.  In order for that to happen, the attic had to be emptied to make room for Jonny to work.  Our house was a complete disaster as the kids spread everything all over the house.  It was very chaotic all weekend long, and Jonny and I exchanged lots of pained glances.  But, it’s over now, the kitchen has lights, and everything is back where it belongs.  Phew.

p.s.  Thanks for sharing all the excitement over that house with us.  We’ve been having so much fun talking about it.  In fact, when I took that photo of Jonny spackling the ceiling, we were in the midst of discussing it.  I was suggesting that we make a list of pros and cons.  I feel that there are some pretty major cons.  Jonny was arguing that there aren’t any cons….