snow day

Halfway through Gabe’s math lesson on Wednesday, I was having a hard time staying focused.  I was knitting on a new project while we worked, but that wasn’t helping.  Talk of snow was going around and it occurred to me that Silas doesn’t have any mittens.  Gabe didn’t even raise an eyebrow when I asked him to hold on a minute, left the room, and came back armed with a roll of double pointed needles, an easy mitten pattern, and some gray yarn.

I clearly wasn’t paying very close attention, because in my mind the snow was happening on Friday, which would give me plenty of time to knit mittens and pull together everyone’s snow clothes.  We haven’t had snow worth talking about in a couple of winters, so snow clothes are scattered between the attic and various other places.  Thursday morning I woke up to this view out my bedroom window.

And from my back porch there was this to see.

While I meant to, I never ventured any farther than the porch.

Silas and the girls ate snow for first breakfast (second breakfast was more substantial.)  This was Silas’ first experience with snow.  He thought it was yummy and ate several bowls.  He isn’t a big talker, but he actually said, “Want more snow.”  It just sounded more like, “wa mu no.”

It seemed to take hours to get my three youngest ready to go out.  I managed to tuck Beatrix’s hair out of her face, grease up her cheeks with some “Booty Bomb,”  (that’s Jonny’s name for this stuff based on Beatrix’s pronunciation) and get her out the door.

She may have lasted ten minutes.

The big hit of the day was making the lemon ices described in The Lemon Sisters.

Evidently, the big boys really wanted Silas to join them outside.

I’m not sure which one of them made the sign, so I didn’t get a chance to remind him that it’s “May I.”

Jonny dressed Silas in so many layers that he could hardly walk.  I think he was wearing at least one hand me down from every sibling, including Bea’s old pink snow pants.  I wasn’t yet finished with even the first of his two mittens, so I tried to convince him to wear thick wool socks on his hands.  He refused.  Jonny took him outside anyway, and I planned to join him. I put on my coat, but could only find one of my boots.  I was still wandering around about three minutes later looking for the other boot when Jonny brought Silas back inside.  Evidently Silas prefers his snow indoors and in a bowl.  He promptly told me, “Wa nu”  (want to nurse.)  And that was the end of his snow day.

He was soon warm again, and playing on our drying rack/indoor jungle gym.

We’re supposed to get more snow this afternoon.  I’m going to try to be enthusiastic.  But the truth is that while I feel excited and sort of cozy when I wake up and see snow outside, it doesn’t take me long to lose focus on the pretty snow and shift it to the pile of wet shoes and coats and the constant icy breeze from kids going in and out.  Snow days are a lot of work.

I’m getting back into the swing of weekend giveaways, starting tomorrow.  Be sure to stop by; this weekend’s giveaway is lovely!


  1. looks so lovely and fun! And geez Silas is getting so big!

  2. Here we get snow from about November to mid March. Once we are in the swing of things there is a rhythm to the warm clothes madness and the ever present mop at the bottom of our stairs. Each child has 3 pairs of ski mitts but we never seem to have a dry pair! My children love winter and will stay out for hours. Most of our parks have outdoor rinks and the kids loved to skate.

    Last week the kids used spray bottles with natural food colouring and sprayed pictures in the snow. We don’t get as much snow as we use to but still enough to build a fort or snowman. My kids are still praying for a snowstorm school closure day!

  3. I love what you are keeping your needles in. Did you make this? If so, where can I find the pattern. How do you store you circular needles? Ours (my husband knits better than I) are thrown into a bag and it’s very difficult to find what you need when you need it.

    • Hi Allyson! My friend Lisa made it for me, and I am not sure if she followed a pattern. If you want to ask her, she blogs here:
      I recently got a needle organizer for my interchangeables from Madbird I really love it. My needles up until about two weeks ago were all stored in a drawer. My kids kept opening and closing it with the cords sticking out and they were getting ruined!


  5. I love Silas’s fisherman… snow – I’m dreaming of snow with our plus 100degree weather! xx

  6. Oh, after the “snow days are a lot of work” and your comment about your focus shifting from the fun of the snow to the pile of melting clothes, I just HAVE to share this post I wrote last January.
    I understand. 🙂

  7. I LOVE Silas’s gorgeous little face! And my children would just love some snow.. we’re having a cool 25 degree celcius day today, with a cool breeze and a little rain. And summer sun, between the clouds. But no snow!

  8. The picture of Silas in his snow gear, reminds me of a movie called, The Christmas Story. In the movie, the mother dresses her son in so many layers that he would fall down and not be able to get up. 😀

  9. You folks do snow well, despite the missing snow garments. I’ve had that boot thing happen. I wander about carrying the lone boot wondering how on earth a BOOT could go missing.

  10. We used to have “snow cream” all the time when I was a kid. I’m looking forward to some this winter … ‘though I’m no longer a kid. 🙂 Just add milk and flavoring to a bunch of snow … what a treat!

  11. my 11 yr old lost her wool mittens I made for her on the bus. bummed because that yarn came from frankenmuth MI! (vacation yarn)…may have to order some more but make her some acrylic mittens in the meantime. & put straps thru her sleeves like she’s five!

  12. The snow just started falling here in Pennsylvania, and I am cozied up working on a sweater for my Mother’s 80th birthday in April. I am a slow knitter but I am determined to get this one done ASAP. I love Silas’ sweater, and I would love to make that one for by 22 month old grandson. can you tell me the name of the pattern?

  13. Love Silas’s sweater – would you share the pattern?

    Really enjoy your posts the photos of the children always brighten my day.

  14. We had snow this week here in Oregon for the first time in a long time too and YES, snow days are a lot of work! It took me a whole morning to gather up snow clothes for four and get them out the door and then getting all the wet clothes off and hung to dry? Wore me out!

  15. Yay, for Booty Bomb! You can tell Johnny that we have a new balm in the works called Da Balm. Yes. Really. Enjoy the snow. Here in Wisconsin we’ve only a dusting! It’s falling now thought, so I’m hopeful. xo

  16. I was 29 before I got to play in the snow! It looks so beautiful. Cold, but beautiful 🙂

  17. Love that sign-perfect!

  18. What a wonderful post! Thanks so much for sharing – it really made me laugh and smile. Have a lovely weekend 🙂

  19. Oh, we are dying for some snow here…we had hardly a dusting last winter, but the winter before was pretty good, if I recall correctly. Today we have freezing rain, icicles growing longer as the drizzle continues. One of the funniest things I’ve seen: one of our laying hens trying to negotiate the ice on our walk. Her feet kept slipping out from under her, and she kept falling on her side and her bum!

    I’m staying in and baking pumpkin bread…maybe having some tea with a wee nip to warm me up inside!

  20. I love winter….and I love snow….from the coziness of the fireplace!! When my kids were your children’s age, though, we lived in Buffalo NY—-and all I remember from those winter days is putting on and taking off snowsuits–they’d run in for a potty break, hot chocolate, and a change into dry socks and mitts—and then we’d start all over again. Being a mom in winter with snow-kids is not for the feint of heart! Try to have fun! (I think I missed the fun part.)

  21. I love the sweet faces you capture of Silas. He is quite a comical guy and full of expressions!! I remember fondly the dressing and undressing for winter snow play (and I only had two kids!). So many puddles everywhere .

  22. yep. the mess. where i live, snow is a season that can potentially last from october into april. i barely get the mess from my own kids (and husband) cleaned up when the front hall is a mess of cold wet puddles from my piano students. i can’t win.

  23. This is sort of, kind of related to today’s post…but a question I’ve been meaning to ask for a while: what are your top, most highly recommended picks for toys/games with a wide age-range of children? I’ve recently moved to a snowy state and am indoors a lot more with my girls. I’ve had great success with past ideas I’ve picked up from your posts or pics (mud pie kitchen = godsend, elements blocks = loved by all ages, etc.). We have tons (and tons & tons) of books and arts&crafts; now I need some great games & toys to keep everyone busy and happy…but hopefully without cluttering the house too much! 🙂

  24. Such cute pictures!! I’m jealous, I miss the snow. But I know what you mean about the wet clothes, etc. being a pile of work.

    Maybe you guys could build an igloo or something for school 😉

  25. Yay! We had snow for a couple days last week and my girls just absolutely looooved it! They kept saying snow is their favorite thing. I agreed with them but secretly thought in my head that actually hot sunny days at the beach are my favorite thing! I do like when it snows though, for a different thing to do!

  26. We get a lot of snow where I live, and although I expect it, I couldn’t agree more about the piles of wet boots, clothes flung haphazardly on the drying rack in the kitchen, and puddles of cold water left everywhere by incoming snow globs. Hope your kids enjoy it though!

  27. Working on finishing a sweater that was started 7 years ago…..nothing like knitting next to a warm fire while looking out at the snow!

  28. Ginny, Is that double-pointed needle case in the first picture something purchased or did you make it?

  29. You can do it, Ginny! Release your inner snow goddess! Jumping jacks and arm windmills are great for getting a bit more circulation going to warm those hands, but I’ve also found that a cowl works well, too (neck warm; all warm!) and lucky you for having such a great drying rack for the wet clothes. Ours were usually all piled in a heap at the front door during our 5-ish months of winter. Warmest wishes to you and your family from the great Canadian prairies!

  30. Squeee!!! Snow. My kiddos loved our recent foray to the land of snow. Their big hope of our trip in a few days is seeing and living in snow. I have tried reminding them that VA doesn’t get a lot of snow. Hoping the pile of clothing doesn’t outweigh the fun for everyone there.

  31. i feel the same way about snow days. it is so much work getting a little one dressed for the snow! before my family moved to virginia, we lived in ohio until i was 10, and my mother had to get us dressed like that almost every day in winter–we went off to school each day in snow suits and boots. i suppose that you get used to it, but as a mother myself now, i sympathize with how much work she had to go through (and so often) to get us ready for the snow!

  32. isn’t that how it goes. snow is all romantic and cozy until you are dealing with mountains of laundry and then it is sort of a pain in the rear. lol enjoy your snow!

  33. I just have to disagree with you on the last point. Maybe it’s because prior to this driest winter in all of history, I was more accustomed to snow days. But snow days are my favorite kind of day. And the only way I can get my kids to play outside between November and April. They hate to be cold unless there’s snow to play in. Also, I need to get some of that Booty Bomb! It sounds perfect for my little guy’s winter chapped cheeks & hands.

    • But Grace, I am soooooo cold! I can’t get my fingers warm, even inside my house! My kids on the other hand play outside all winter long. They have better circulation than I do, I guess! The Booty Bomb smells soooo good. There are plenty of alternatives out there, but nothing that smells as good.

      • Well, I’m that cold too, only without the snow! I don’t know why my kids won’t play outside. I think they don’t like getting bundled up in coats, hats, and mittens just to swing or something. I don’t know. I certainly did play outside in all seasons when I was little.

  34. Oh my goodness! That Silas is so adorable! Actually, all your kids are. Okay, all kids are. Snow days are slow days. Not much else gets done. I love the excitement of the kids and their rosy cheeks on return. My three teens still get lost for what seems hours, sledding, snowballing, fort-building, etc. Have fun!

  35. Jeannie in VA says:

    We had a dusting yesterday morning in Southeast VA and expect more today. Your story reminded me of when my 23-year-old was 1 1/2. We were living just outside Charleston, SC and Matthew had never experienced snow. I saw the flurries, grabbed the camera and stood him out in the front yard for a picture. I knew that moment just could not be missed. I need to find that picture. Thanks for triggering the memory.

  36. The way the talk was going on I had high hopes that it might dip far enough south and we would get just a little of the white stuff, nope, I’m still wishing!
    Love the taped sign!

  37. Little Man hasn’t experienced snow properly as he wasn’t quite old enough last winter and we now live in an area where we don’t get snow in the winter (though Lake Tahoe is only a 3 hour drive).

    I also love that you say Silas isn’t a big talker. Honestly, that doesn’t surprise me (nor should it surprise anyone else) as he’s got five older siblings to tell the world what he wants, even if he doesn’t. You don’t seem to worried about it and that’s just how it should be.

    I also love the climbing on the drying racks. As long as they’re not the cheap ones that collapse at the drop of a sock on top…

  38. I wish to show snow to my kid someday.

  39. Your little one is so very sweet! I remember when my two daughters would get out in the snow before they had breakfast…snow days would wear me out! I now wish my daughters were little again..I would love one more day watching their faces light up when we would have a snow ball was so fun to hit mom with snow..:) Now they are almost 19 and 16 and yes they still enjoy the snow….but I miss those days of them being little..cozy with a cup of hot chocolate and a picture book…..enjoy it Ginny it is going to fly by so fast:)

    Sending lots of hugs your way,


  40. The sign on Silas made me laugh. My girls are always doing things like that to our Evangeline. Or “talking” for her by saying things like, “Eva told us she really wants a snack!” Ha!

    We’re hoping to see a bit of snow tonight, also. I actually look forward to snow days but I agree with you when you say they are a LOT of work. All that wet snow gear times x 6! Craziness. 😉

  41. Snow days are a lot of work for caretakers. My dryer was humming all day (we lost a crayon and chapstick in a laundry accident-UGH) and hot chocolate was on the table throughout the day. Your lost boots(we sometimes forget about taking care of us, huh?) and snow clothes reminds me so much of our family–I try to make an effort to buy plastic bins and force myself to put all snow wear in them each year. My boys wore gloves that had flowers on them for years!

  42. We’re getting a bit of snow here in Ohio, too. ♥ You must have a STRONG drying rack to handle that climbing. Mine isn’t that great. It’s wooden (I think I got it years ago at Target), though. Where did you get yours?

  43. What cute sweaters your children are wearing! Do you have a Ravelry page where you keep track of your projects? I’d really enjoy seeing your notes.

  44. Love the indoor play gym/drying rack 😛 Your mitten knitting reminded me of my own work with our local shelter (Madonna’s Center). I am trying to knit up enough toddler sized mittens for the children there (quite a lot to do!) and as soon as possible. I wish I could knit faster!

    • Nicole, I live in Beaverton and just looked up Madonna’s Shelter. It looks like such a wonderful organization. Would you like any help knitting mittens? I’m not fast, but I could probably do a few!

  45. He is absolutely darling.
    I love all this- so fun to see your snow perspective- as a New Englander myself. 🙂

  46. Snow? We have to go on vacation to see it! LOL! It looks like your children had a wonderful time playing in the snow. Thanks for being so real (admitting not finishing the mittens, can’t find your boot, etc). It’s very refreshing and makes me feel ‘normal’. LOL! Blessings to you and your adorable family.

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