in her kitchen

In her mud pie kitchen, of course!  Larkspur’s moves locations regularly, and sees activity year round.  It’s been over two years since I made the first one.  Larkspur created this latest one by herself.

And Larkspur’s red Phoebe sweater is three years old now!  I can’t believe it still fits!  It could use a shave to remove all those pills, but it has lasted so well!

My goal for today (or maybe I should give myself the week) is to give my indoor kitchen a deep cleaning.

Happy Monday!

p.s.  When I was about Larkspur’s age, I used to think that the best outfits were all one color too!  I thought that was the way to “match” my clothes.  Did you?


  1. Her kitchen immediately took me back (too many years ago) to my childhood. I was THE mud pie queen…or so I thought. I lived in CO and spent two weeks each summer in OK with my mother’s family. One year I even tried to pack my mud pies in the car (they were rock hard after baking in the HOT OK sun) as they were made of red dirt, not the plain brown dirt we had in CO. I never thought of making a mud pie kitchen! Such a brilliant idea! My “secret” ingredient was often ashes from my Grandparent’s fireplace that had a outside door to remove the ashes. 😀
    As a home educating mom, I always tried to tune into my daughters’ interest. I believe 100% if we watch closely we will find their calling even at a young age. ie Now my passion is cooking…and it always was!
    Loving your blog and glad to “meet” you!
    Kim from CO, relocated to OK as a tween, and now living at the beach in NC!

  2. What your daughter is doing reminds me so much of my childhood and how my children play now. Love it!

    • Oh, when I was a little girl, I used to play in my “mud-kitchen” for hours and hours on my own. And my very favorite color was red. Every shade of red. And if I would have been allowed to do so, I would have worn them all together.
      I still smell mud and grass and pure happiness, when I see this pictures. Thank you!
      ( I

  3. Hi Ginny…the best and cheapest “draft dodger” I ever made was using a pillowcase and 2 “tubes” of foam pipe insulation cut to the width of the door. Cut the pillowcase (king size) in half lengthwise. It makes 2 draft dodgers. Sew up the cut edge and then sew straight up the center for 2 long pockets. Slip the foam tubes in each pocket. open your door and slide under…center seam sits under the door with a foam tube on either side. Voila, no more drafts and you can still open and shut your door.

  4. You have the most photogenic life!

    • Cameras are great like that. I was just laughing with a friend today that anyone pulling into my drive would wonder what sort of trashy family lives here!! There is always lots going on project wise–you should see the pile of scrap metal out front that my kids have dragged out of the woods! I should take a picture of that!

  5. love it. brought me right back to making mud pies in the 90s.

  6. i love all her hanging/drying ‘herbs’!!!

  7. Oh yes, one colour outfits were the way to go. My favourite was lilac. I had pants, a shirt and a winter jacket in lilac. But actually I think it was not too bad that I stopped fancying this colour around 1991…

  8. so precious, her kitchen, her clothes. and her mama made sweater. try a sweater stone, larkspur might like to do it herself!

  9. Awesome! You just brought me back to my childhood! That’s exactly how I played outdoors, ‘cooking’, in my grandparents’ village in Russia 🙂

  10. Oh Ginny….what I would have given for an outdoor kitchen like that when I was a little girl….love it!!!!

  11. What size did you make and what yarn did you use? It’s fabulous!

  12. Haha, can she come over to my house and mop? (That’s my same goal for the week too. The cabinets especially need a good wiping down…)

  13. Ginny,
    How fun!
    Bracken likes to make “garden soups” with water, sand, dirt, flowers, grass etc.


  14. Absolutely precious! Photos are stunning, too!

  15. feel free to hop over here and do my kitchen 😉 Your daughter looks taller these days and I love the all red outfit!!

  16. What fun! I would have just loved that as a little girl. We need to spend more time outside!

  17. I so want to do this. I spent HOURS “cooking” outdoors as a child. Sweet, sweet memories.

  18. I love the little wooden set up and those jars!!

  19. Ahh, yes we are deep cleaning the kitchen today as well! I love her kitchen and think my daughter would appreciate such a space.

  20. She’s such a pretty girl.

  21. I adore outside kitchens. They keep the kids playing outside and happily! Ours finally fell apart the other day, so I need to whip up a new one!

  22. So jealous that it is warm enough for your children to be outside, playing without coats. It has snowed here everyday for the last month!
    Oh and Larkspur seems to be getting so tall!

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