Archives for January 28, 2013


This weekend was cold. I guess that should be obvious since it’s January in Virginia, but the weather has been so unpredictable here these past few years.  Next week we will have a couple of days in the sixties and we’re planning a picnic.  Then there is snow in the forecast again for Friday.  I feel like a teenaged girl, my emotions being played with by the weather.

Silas gave the snow another chance and this time he let Jonny put socks on his hands.  I think the socks extended his time outside by a couple of minutes.  That night he insisted on going to bed with socks on his hands again.  When he woke in the night calling “Mama, Mama” in his sweet middle of the night voice, he was still wearing them.  Now anytime we try to put socks on his feet, he sticks out his hands.  I finished knitting his little gray mittens, and he is happy to wear them on his hands rather than socks, as long as they’re around.  We have to make sure they are nearby when it’s time to get dressed.

I made candles by the seat of my pants this weekend.  In other words, I’ve never made candles before, but I did my best.  I have no problem throwing an entire candle back in the pot to melt so that I can try again, and I’ve had to do so more than once.  My candles are wonky, but I don’t mind.  (I know I need to trim the wicks, I just haven’t yet.)  I can’t make up my mind about the whole process.  It’s sort of fun, sort of not.  I think that if I had better equipment, and more experience it would be great.  Of course, if I had candle molds my kids wouldn’t get to drink tons of juice like they have over the past few days.  We don’t usually buy it, but I wanted to use the cans as molds, so we’ve gone through quite a bit.  Candlemas is this Saturday, and we are planning to go to Mass and have our candles blessed.  This is just the beginning of my intention to celebrate the liturgical year more fully with my family this year.  My friend Elizabeth is going to help me.  I’m very excited.  My first lesson was on how to pronounce “Candlemas.”

There are lots of tutorials for making poured pillar candles online.  I sort of followed this one.

I’ve been doing a good bit of knitting with my chair pulled right up next to the fire these past few days.  I’ll have a shawl to show for it soon.  I’ve been letting the boys stay up late to watch episodes of Father Barron’s Catholicism
with me.  It’s made for some really cozy nights.