Archives for January 15, 2013

people in pots for Silas

After seeing a set of wooden sorting toys here, I knew these would be perfect for Silas, and inexpensive to make too.  I bought peg people and a set of little pots at Hobby Lobby.  We ended up needing to sand out the pots a bit to make the people fit, but that just allowed the whole family to get involved in making what was to be a stocking stuffer for Silas.  I painted the people and the pots with my kids’ watercolors, and then finished them with some beeswax polish.  I made a terrible mistake though, I used the washable watercolors.  Non-toxic I wanted, washable, no.  I guess I will wash them down and repaint them with different watercolors soon because Silas sticks them in his mouth and ends up with paint all over his face!  You might notice that the orange pot was originally orange-er.  Silas does really like these though and  I think they are a great toddler activity/toy.  He knows they are his, and doesn’t like anyone messing with them while he works (he was threatening to slap Keats’ hand away in one of the pictures above.)  Silas is quite the character.  But better than that:  He hugs by tucking his face into my neck and then wrapping both his arms and legs around me and squeezing as tightly as he can.  I think he’s the most affectionate baby we’ve ever had (also possibly the most prone to hitting and throwing things, but I am hoping that passes!)