Archives for January 8, 2013

a random assortment

I found a surprise in the garden, just before Christmas.  I have never grown cauliflower before, and on a whim planted little starts from the farm store last fall.  I thought they were duds.  I shrieked when I discovered this one perfect little white head.  We ate it as part of our Christmas dinner.  I keep wanting to mention it, but it just didn’t fit with all my Christmas photos!

There is a big gap between our front door and the floor.  I have sewn many a draft dodger, only to have them rip, spilling rice all over the floor.  Lately we’ve been throwing a blanket on the floor.  Trudy then voluntarily blocks the cold wind from creeping in.

Chickens in the willow!

We aren’t sure what they are doing in the tree.  It’s possible that they wanted to investigate the pine cone bird feeders.

Purple cabbage that hasn’t got much to show for itself yet.

Just in the last few weeks, Silas has started sitting for stories.  He carries his little board books to Jonny, and is particular about which ones he wants to read.  Mommies Say Shh! is probably one of our favorite books for toddlers ever.

When I was a little girl, I quite enjoyed dressing my little brother Daniel up like a girl.  He had lovely golden curls and long eyelashes.  My girls had some fun with Silas recently.  He obliged their fancy, and got all fancied up himself.  He then headed outside, clearly on a mission.  He gathered a little armload of “firewood” and headed back inside to deliver it to the woodstove.  Examining this photo, I believe Silas is wearing a bit of purple eyeshadow!

Dear Gabriel knit Silas a bright blue hat.  He is so proud to see Silas wearing something he made.

There.  I feel like I’ve tied up some loose ends:  wanting a record of these little things, and realizing that the best thing to do is to write them down.