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little green sweater

There aren’t nearly enough nice little boy sweater patterns out there, and I was excited when I came across this one.  I wanted a pullover for Silas, with a little something extra to make it special.  The name of this pattern is Kinsale, and my Ravelry notes are here.  I really love the twisted rib details, and also love the toggle buttons I used on the placket.  The yarn is a worsted 80/10/10 blend from Sweet Basil, in the lemongrass colorway.  This is the second sweater I’ve knit for Silas using this yarn (Ravelry notes for the other sweater here,) and I’ve found that not only is it really lovely to knit with, but it wears very well too.

This little green sweater ended up causing me a good bit of angst, through no one’s fault.  It just was what it was.  I cast on for the size 18 months sweater, but ended up increasing for a couple extra rounds to the size 2 numbers, not thinking about the fact that I only had enough yarn per the pattern yardage requirements to knit the smaller size.  I knit a few inches below the sleeves when I realized that I didn’t like the way the color was pooling.  So, I ripped back to the armpits and began again, this time alternating skeins.  About three inches down, I realized that I might run out of yarn.  So, I stopped working on the body, knit the sleeves and placket, and then reevaluated the yarn situation.  I ended up ripping back to the armpits yet again, decreased a couple stitches under both arms, and finished the body on Christmas Eve with just a few yards to spare.  The whole thing sort of stressed me out, reminding me of the reasons why I try not knit for deadlines-specifically Christmas.  But, once all the drama was past, I was so glad that I did decide to squeeze this sweater in for Silas to wear to Christmas Mass.

edited to add:  Silas’ pants made from pattern in Handmade Beginnings