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New Year

I spent what felt like most of yesterday reading Winnie the Pooh to my girls, both of whom are sick.  My New Year’s Eve plan was to go to bed early.  But then Jonny and I saw that the Call the Midwife Christmas special was available to watch on the PBS website, and we ended up staying up late to watch it.   (It was wonderful and well worth staying up for.)  At some point, Jonny mentioned that when he took the kids shopping for my birthday (at the grocery store because he needed ingredients) that Larkspur insisted that he needed to buy me lots of presents, because I’ve given him so many children.  That means that she thinks she’s a gift, that all my children are.  I will always treasure the thought of her saying those words to Jonny, believing with perfect certainty that she is treasured.

This morning, both girls seemed perkier until Beatrix demonstrated all over the floor that she is not well.  Oh dear.  This may prove a long week.  I suspect today will be spent by the fire again, with more Winnie.

I wish for a very Happy New Year to you all.  I pray that in this new year we are all able to focus on those things that mean the most, no matter how small, and move through all the rest with grace and peace.

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