I think I can

Yesterday the kids and I shared our favorite place with Jonny.  (I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but we have lots of favorite places!)  Jonny was skeptical as we pulled into the parking lot of Mt. Vernon.  It’s hard to believe from the outside that within the walls there is a huge gorgeous estate full of gardens and sheep and wonderfulness!  The mansion itself has three floors, the third of which is only open to the public in December.  Seeing the four small bedrooms on that third floor, including the one that Martha Washington moved into after George died, was very exciting!

The sheep were a favorite as always, and Aladdin the camel was very friendly.  We all got to pet him.  I never thought I would wish I had a camel (specifically that one!)   I am also questioning why I haven’t yet planted snowdrops all over my yard?  They are so pretty, and they are blooming now!

Of course there was crazy traffic on the way home, but this time I was prepared.  Jonny did the driving, and I knit by headlamp.  I’ve made a bit of progress on Silas’ Christmas sweater.  In my mind, I can totally have this finished by Monday.  I think I can.

(the girls were wearing their Bulle’s)


  1. I went to Mt. Vernon on your recommendation and loved it. So did my daughter. I posted pictures here, but of course you have your own lovely pics. We also went to the Emancipation Oak like your blog suggested! Thank you!



  2. So beautiful! Love the camel. And I love how your girls and Silas are wearing handknits from mama! Sooo sweet. That’s what life is all about right there. Love. 🙂

  3. It all looks beautiful.

  4. You’ve reminded me that Mt. Vernon is only a few hours away and I’ve never been there. Need to put that on my calendar! Thanks for your lovely post.

  5. Beautiful.

    Sure you can.

  6. Ditto the River Farm. Totally head up there next time you’re at Mt Vernon. It is magical.

    I love Mt Vernon, too. We love the cows and the pigs and in the spring, when the sheep have lambs, the lambs can run free. We really, really, really love the running-free lambs. 🙂

  7. We had a work team outing to Mt. Vernon last year. It’s beautiful!

  8. I am also casting on for my final Christmas sweater today, although here in Australia it is one with cap sleeves for my 3 year old, I too must knit fast! I cannot have one child missing out!

    The Kinsdale is a lovely sweater, I plan to knit one for my baby boy due in March, the colourway you have chosen is divine.

    It does indeed look like a beautiful place to be, Mt. Vernon. I love to see the photos as always.

  9. We had snow drops popping up at our old house – the funny thing about moving to a house with an established yard is discovering what the new bulbs are!

    Thanks for the link to the girls sweater – I love it! I am knitting a collection as I prepare for a new babe… we signed up to be Foster Carers (the only way to be able to adopt locally in our country).


  10. I’ve never seen snowdrops in December-they usually don’t appear in the UK until February-such a reminder that the dark days will soon be over.
    Mount Vernon goes on the “Want to see one day” list.

  11. When I saw your first set of pictures at Mt. Vernon, my heart skipped a beat. I forget that you live in Virginia and that some of your favorite places are my favorite places. Inspired by your photos, my children and I spent a refreshing day there recently and plan to go again soon. Thank you. Have you ever been to Washington’s River Farm (right off the parkway on the way to Mt. Vernon)? If you haven’t, I think you and your children would enjoy it – beautiful gardens, paths to the river and natural playscapes…

  12. Knitting by headlamp…..brilliant. I know what ican tell my husband I would like for Christmas: )

  13. The camel’s hair is so curly! That place looks so beautiful. I must visit!

  14. Knitting by headlamp–that is brilliant! 🙂

  15. You can totally finish it by Christmas! It’s sosmallandI know you knit fast 🙂 Our little guys will almost be matching. I knit Lucian the fisherman’s sweater out of Brambleberry sea grass (which is very similar to the sweet basil lemon grass) for Christmas.

  16. 🙂 so did jonny enjoy it??

  17. Ginny,
    Goodness, I love your pictures!
    Thanks for sharing the link to the sweater pattern you’re making for Silas. I love it!


  18. I noticed this with your last batch of photos from Mt. Vernon..It looks as if you have the place to yourselves. No crowds?

  19. Snowdrops are one of my favorite winter flowers! And don’t worry about the sweater! You can do it! I still have a couple things I need to finish before Monday…

  20. What a beautiful place to have nearby!!! I would love to go there. Looks like you had a wonderful time there and did Jonny like it as much as you do?

  21. I NEED to start the vest today. Oh, do I ever.

  22. I know you can! I know you can! Amazing!
    And do they know your names now at Mt. Vernon?
    By the way…how is dear Elizabeth doing?

  23. You totally can! (I just laid out my big Christmas sweater for blocking and am down to two tiny things. Sadly my Winterwoods sampler is not going to be finished tomorrow, but I think it will still be a delightful project for the early days of January!)

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