First Sunday of Advent

It was lovely.

I’m too tired for words tonight, but I’ll be back soon to share a bit about how I prepared for Advent this year, along with some of our favorite ways to celebrate this season.

You can read last year’s post on the first Sunday of Advent here, and the post from the year before that, here.

(We purchased our advent candle making kit from Sunflower Candles.  This is the third year we’ve purchased this simple candle making kit from Ann.  If you still need Advent candles, she ships quickly!)


  1. You have holly plants (I think that’s what they are called) in your background?! You are so lucky! I wish I had some of that perfect christmas decoration in my background too!

  2. I adore that Advent wreath. So homespun and meaningful.

  3. Lovely, lovely advent wreath. Many blessings as your family prepares to celebrate the reason for this season-the birth of the Christ child, Jesus.



  4. Beautiful, simple Advent wreath, Ginny. We don’t have any holly, but have been cutting rosemary, thyme, and conifer boughs in the yard for our Advent wreath. Love fresh cut greenery around the candles.

    Our Advent wreath:

  5. Beautiful, Ginny! I love the simple little Advent wreath you made at home. The candles are lovely as well. Wishing you peace and joy during this season!

  6. wonderful Ginny – with your help from previous years sharing here, I prepared a plan for celebrating Advent – Thank you!

  7. Every time I see photos of the kids sitting on the table I smile 🙂 I think Advent is my favorite church season!!

  8. What fun times! I would love to learn more about your Advent celebration. We don’t celebrate Advent at my church, and when growing up all I remember is having an Advent calendar. I am trying to involve my kids in more Advent related activities this year, because I think it is so important.

  9. beautiful, I’d love to hear about your advent celebrations. What is the tradition/meaning behind lighting the candles? xx

  10. Just beautiful. This truly is a magical time of year… Wishing you all a lovely festive season!

  11. Oh, so lovely! Your church also reminds me of a church from my childhood! Also: not using the fabric advent wreath from last year?

    • We prefer fresh greenery (at least I do!) We made the fabric wreath after the wreath of greenery had been scattered and was just looking bad in general. It was a fun thing to make, but not something I plan to use year after year. Also-it stretched out kind of funny and has purple wax all over it now!

  12. What a lovely wreath! Your church looks like my husband home parish – St. Cecelia’s!

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