warm, cozy, and pretty

I think these are the cutest little tunics ever.  They were delightful to knit, and my girls love wearing them.  I bought the yarn for Larkspur’s first, and then realized that I would have to knit one for Beatrix as well.  While both are knit in Madelinetosh’s amber trinket colorway, Larkspur’s yarn is a bit more muted, Beatrix’s a bit brighter; a little wild.  The colorway and it’s variations suits them both perfectly.

This pattern is a favorite for sure and perfect as written, but I made a few changes.  I shortened the sleeves and eliminated the decreases before the bottom band.  This way they fit over loose long sleeved dresses well.  The pockets are a huge bonus.  Putting the tunic over an outfit adds warmth and instant pockets not to mention cuteness!  Both girls should be able to get two years wear out of these.  And of course Beatrix will eventually inherit Larkspur’s!

On Ravelry:  Beatrix’s and Larkspur’s

The yarn:  Madelinetosh vintage in amber trinket.  (I bought it at WEBS.)

The buttons:  I used a single purple heart button from Wooly Moss Roots at the back of the neck on each.  For the bottom band button, random large ones from who knows where.

The dresses:  Land’s End.  These are their favorite play dresses.



  1. Oh I am so doing this for my girlies. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. These are beautiful! And I agree, I’d like to have one in my size!

    I *almost* wish I had a daughter……girls are definitely more fun to knit for!

  3. I’m 23 and get equally excited about pockets in a dress. These are so cute!

  4. I love these Ginny. Really beautiful work!

  5. Oh those are lovely!! I can just picture my two little girls wearing matching ones too!

  6. Can´t decide who´s prettier: the girls or the tunics.. 😉

  7. Wish the whole look came in a grown-up size!!!! love it!

  8. Aaaaaah! So pretty! You are very skilful. 🙂

  9. My sister Leanne bought me Madelinetosh Amber Trinket for my birthday last week. I am in love with the yarn. It is the first time I have ever had Madelinetosh. I can’t believe it is the same as your girls knits! So fun. Now I just have to figure out what to do with mine.

  10. I love them!!! I am knitting one for Charlotte as well. Thought you might like to know- Charlotte was sick on Thanksgiving and the very first thing she asked for was her “sick doll”. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful gift!!!!

  11. Ginny,
    These tunics are so lovely on your girls. And I think pockets are awesome. Our little Bracken has recently discovered what pockets are and likes to collect treasures in them now. 🙂
    And the heart button looks like the perfect touch. Thanks for linking to us, it’s such a nice surprise to see when visiting here.

    Enjoy your evening.


  12. Those are awesome, love them. Think I might need one 🙂

  13. These are beautiful! I want an adult version 🙂

  14. These are so great Ginny – love the pockets – really precious.

  15. Love, love, love! They both turned out great, Ginny!

  16. They are lovely – children and dresses both. 🙂

  17. So adorable. You can really tell how much they love to dress alike! I think I’ll need to make one of these for each of my granddaughters.



  18. My favorite is that every time I look at your blog, my five year old twin girls yell, “it’s our friends! Our friends!” This morning was especially great, “look at our friends dresses! Oh they are so beautiful!”

  19. Adorable!!! I love to look at all of your knits on Ravelry. Although, I had trouble with the Cascade. It seemed so simple, but I kept messing up the leaf design. I’ve frogged it for now. I’ll do it later. Until then I’ll just admire yours. : ) Your girls are just adorable.

  20. They are so beautiful! Tunics and children! I wrote up a post on some of the crafting we are doing, including your beautiful beeswax nativity. I’ve been looking forward to making it all year and I’m also giving it as gifts to friends. Thought I would share. Thanks so much for the inspiration!


  21. Those are so perfect! Beautiful knitting and beautiful small ladies!

  22. those tunics turned out perfect. the girls look so wonderful in them. did you line the pockets with fleece?

  23. Yes, they are, the cutest ever, your girls look beautiful, while proper dressed to play at the same time. Great job.

  24. They look amazing, Ginny! That colorway! AAAH!

  25. Bambi Beachboard says:

    Thanks for the inspiration, I really like the look of this tunic. On a side note, the link to the play dresses, those dresses are are a great sale right now. Just thought I would pass that along since they are a favorite.I am sure probably already know.

    • I did get the good price plus 30% off on top of that! They each have two, both gray because other colors were sold out when I went back for more. So, I expect they’ll be wearing them in lots of photos this winter!

  26. Any larger sizes yet?

  27. thank you.

    they are both so cute !! I really like the 9th picture from the top – looking at each other with their hands in pockets.

    you should try the adult version for you ;o)

  28. Cute dresses and of course the yarn makes the project!! I now have an intense desire to buy yarn…

  29. Swoon… The tunics are absolutely gorgeous!! The pattern seems simple, yet it’s perfect and the yarn is so very pretty. I wonder what the tunic would look like in an adult version?

  30. precious

  31. Oh, I *love* them! I may have to add this to my list for Julia for next fall. Maybe a birthday gift for her… Hmm… I’m so glad you shared them; I don’t think I would have found this pattern if you hadn’t shared your work-in-progress here… xo

  32. oh, I would love one of those for myself!

  33. I love the way your girls dress! what style they have!

  34. I’m about half way through my first Bulle, and I know already that it’s going to become a favourite. Thank you for bringing the pattern to my attention and showing me how it’ll look!

  35. These are just perfect. How well does the yarn hold up? I’ve never used Madelinetosh. Does it pill quickly?

    • I can’t speak for anything other than the vintage, but no, it doesn’t pill very much at all. It holds up very well.

  36. Such cute photos, your girls look like they are having a great time! 🙂 I need some girls to knit these for…perhaps they could be manned up a bit and I could pass them off to my boys?? Maybe not lol x

  37. I really like the effect you’ve created by eliminating the bottom decreases, those decreases had put me off the pattern, but with the bottom changed it makes all the difference to me, it would be lovely for my little girls. Your two look so sweet together in their matching tunics – so cute.

  38. Fantastic, those dresses, the tunics over the dresses and that Ginnys girls style!

  39. Pretty!
    I love it. 🙂

  40. Oh my goodness, those girls, outfits and photos are fabulous! I love a tunic that can be so flexible as to be dressed up or down and that keeps going for more than a year. And pockets, oh how important they are! Pockets and childhood go hand in hand.


  41. beth lehman says:

    they are adorable!! i love the style over the dresses, perfection!

  42. Warm, cozy and pretty indeed! You have such great taste in patterns and yarn. Lovely.

  43. They are so very pretty Ginny, truly.

  44. I am looking forward to making one of these soon. SO many other project sit he works first. They turned out really well, and I love the inner contrasting color on the pockets. Fun!

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