Archives for November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving week

It’s nine p.m. on Thanksgiving day.  Rather than taking a Thanksgiving hike as we have done in recent years, we shared Thanksgiving dinner with good friends today.  Otherwise, we’d be driving home from the mountains in the dark right now.   I am thankful that we had friends to share the day with this year, and I am glad we aren’t driving right now.  Our company has gone home, and we are cleaned up and ready to settle in for the evening.

Earlier this week, I came across a recipe for a grain free stuffing that sounded interesting.  I thought that I would make it for Thanksgiving.  I recalled planting a few turnips in my fall garden, and headed out to see if I could find some.  It turned out that I had just enough to make the stuffing.  I’d never eaten turnips before, and only planted them on a whim.  I made the stuffing last night and it was really good (and for the record, mine didn’t look anything like the picture included with the recipe.)  I didn’t think it was quite as tasty when we reheated it today, so next time I will make it the day we are to eat it.  I was excited to be able to use both sweet potatoes and turnips from our garden to make it.

There was borage blooming in our garden the day I pulled the turnips.  The borage I planted this summer reseeded and I guess it thought November would be as good a time as any to bloom.  We had a decent frost last night (not our first) so I’ll have to go see how it’s doing tomorrow.  I suspect that was the last of the flowers until next year.  It was a thrill to see that one little blossom.

The girls and I have been working on our storytelling skills with a little help from these cards.  We take turns drawing cards and adding to the story using the picture on the card for inspiration.  When I was a little girl, my mom used to tell the most amazing stories and she didn’t need any help.  I didn’t inherit that talent at all.  Beatrix though, she’s showing some promise in the storytelling department.

I’ve not cheated in the toast with butter department at all.  I did make lemon blueberry muffins using coconut flour though.  I am used to the texture and slight weirdness of grain free baked goods and thought this a perfect way to get a good dose of butter.  (recipe from Practical Paleo)  I did however cave in the caffeine department.  I made it an entire week, then practically collapsed last Sunday and required a cup of green tea to recover.  Ha.  But seriously, that’s not really an exaggeration and it’s been one cup each day since.  I tried.  Maybe I’ll give it another go one day when I don’t have any children or nursing babies waking me at night!

This evening I am feeling so grateful for many things including:  friends far and near, community both locally and online, a warm fire, and a cross stitch sampler to work on!  I hope you’ve all had a nice day, whether you were celebrating or not.  I am going to go settle into a chair with my sampler!

p.s.  No giveaways this weekend!  I’ll be back on Monday!