Archives for November 15, 2012

making in the kitchen (homemade no cook play dough)

I’ve decided to get a bit serious about my diet in hopes that I can naturally treat a tiny touch of hypothyroidism.  For me, that boils down to making two changes:  no caffeine and no toast with butter.  Today dawns day four of no caffeine.  Each day is a bit easier.  All I ever had was a couple cups of tea or maybe one cup of coffee per day, but evidently that little bit gave me a boost because afternoons have been difficult this week!  I am exhausted!  As far as the toast goes, it’s just the bread that is a problem.  I’ll find another avenue to get my daily dose of butter.  Yesterday we made flourless pumpkin pancakes from my new favorite cookbook:  Practical Paleo.  I soaked mine in butter.  I also ate my first sweet potato from our garden, drenched in butter.  I still miss my toast though.

I’m trying to come up with new lunch ideas, or lunch ideas period.  In a search to find a simple but yummy way to prepare chicken thighs, I came across a recipe for honey spiced chicken thighs and made them for lunch the other day.  While I made the chicken, my kids made no cook play dough (thanks to my readers who suggested going the no cook route a few months ago.)  Both the chicken and the play dough turned out really well.  Silas was the only one to actually taste the play dough.

As a family we aren’t following the paleo diet because (among other reasons) we flat out can’t afford to.  Beans and rice night still happens at least once each week.  My bigger concern for myself is the elimination of gluten (read:  toast.  at bedtime.  nearly every single night.)  My oldest son Seth has a sensitivity to gluten, so we have been eating primarily gluten free for years.  Because the paleo diet is naturally gluten free, I am finding that I turn to paleo recipes quite frequently lately.  Practical Paleo is my favorite cookbook on the topic so far.  Of course, it’s really only the second one I’ve looked at.  The author specifically addresses treating illness by making dietary changes and the recipes are super accessible.

Have any of you succesfully treated thyroid issues with diet?

p.s.  In case you are wondering about the girls’ matching aprons (which they love so much) they are from Gypsy Forest.