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an autumn craft

Using your beeswax dipped fall leaves, you can make a simple Autumn inspired wreath with you children.

All you need is a pile of leaves along with an inexpensive grapevine wreath (purchased at your local craft store, although I’ve seen them at Goodwill as well) and a hot glue gun.

No instructions necessary, really.  Making these is very simple.  We used one little squirt of glue per leaf (the glue was squirted on the wreath, not the leaf,) and pressed it gently.  My children are especially fond of any project that involves a hot glue gun, so this was a lot of fun for them.

A bit of news:

There will be two giveaways here this weekend.  If you are already thinking about gift ideas, I think you will really appreciate them.

Thinking of Christmas, but backing up first to Advent, I have added my Advent and Christmas book list in the sidebar.  If you have any suggestions, I’d love to know!  My list grows a bit every year as we typically add a book or two to our collection during each Christmas season.  This year’s purchase was Something for Christmas, a sweet little story that reminds me of my girls and their desire to give gifts on every occasion, including lots of little occasions that they make up (the “pretend” birthday is especially popular at our house.)  It arrived yesterday and I read it quickly, before tucking it up into my closet.

Finally, I was nominated for several different categories in the Homeschool Blog Awards.  Wow, thank you!!  While I truly appreciate all the nominations, one area where I take special care is my photographs.  I would appreciate your vote for Small Things in the Best Photos Blog category.  You can vote once per day through November 16th and I would appreciate your vote!

Have a great weekend!