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this week

So many things this week…

For starters, Larkspur sat in my lap and I hugged her body while squeezing my eyes shut tight as Keats pulled her loose top tooth.  She’s far braver than I am.  I don’t know what to say about the absence of that tooth.  I find the loss of the top middle two such a big deal; bittersweet.

We had our first frost.  The evening before I ran out in my slippers carrying a laundry basket and covered just the bottom of it with the last of our Christmas pole lima beans.  The lettuce survived the frost and is especially beautiful.  Lettuce amazes me in that way.

Silas has run fever for a few nights and I am suspecting an ear infection.  He woke from his nap today screaming.  I was at physical therapy.  Jonny called me on our sweet tracphone (that’s what he would call our ten dollar cell phone) to tell me that Silas had cried for nearly an hour.  He wondered when I’d be home.  I started fresh garlic and mullein ear oil the second I walked in the door.  (I used fresh garlic and dried mullein flowers.  My recipe came from this book.  It’s out of print and used copies are expensive.  I bet the recipe is included in this newer book by the same lovely author.)

Physical therapy filled me with the hope that I can be strong again.  I loved my therapist; I promised her I’d do my exercises and I really meant it.

On an especially cool day, with no activity outside Lark Rise,  I put my head right up against the bottom of the hive, next to the screened bottom board.  I wanted to know…were they really in there?  I could hear them, the gentle hum of the cluster.  An amazing sound, absolutely beautiful.  The following day, temperatures climbed higher and there was a bit of activity outside the hive as well.  I’ve not given up hope on these girls.

I think there was something else this week, but it’s escaping me now…..


I am sure that I wasn’t the only person who was hurt by words and by sweeping assumptions read online this week.  In this age of social media so many more lives intersect than ever before, but we are unable to dig deep, to really get to know each other.  It’s impossible to know so many on an intimate level.  We share through these little windows we’re given and hope for the best.  It’s a double edged sword I suppose.  Differences can be either magnified or minimized in absence of relationship.  For a moment I allowed myself to be saddened by the magnification of differences that seemed to abound online. But that discouragement, it can become motivation to work harder to meet on common ground wherever I can.  If someone hurts me, I know that the right thing is to work harder to love them.  If we all made just a small effort, what a difference it would make.  My heart tells me to keep trying.


p.s.  For the record, the candidate whom I voted for didn’t win the election.  I hope you’ll love me anyway.