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Autumn leaves with beeswax

Everywhere we go, we’ve been gathering leaves.  We’ve got leaves from the maples near the soccer field where Jonny plays, leaves from a local historic home, and I even gathered a bagful of flaming red oak leaves outside the office of the orthopedic surgeon (I start physical therapy this week.)  I think we all associate the scent of melted beeswax with fall, along with the chore of scraping the hardened drips of it off the kitchen floor.  So far all we’ve done is dip, and dip some more.  Maybe we’ll create something with our leaves this week, but really the dipping is the best part.  If you’re interested, here’s a link to the little crockpot we use to melt beeswax, and here’s a link to little beeswax pastilles that melt quickly, and here’s a post about the garlands we made with beeswax dipped leaves a couple of years ago.

I’ve been doing mostly ordinary things over the past week:  lessons with the kids, cleaning house, chasing Silas, a little knitting, and revisiting the chore system I started creating months ago and never finished because it overwhelmed me.  My forgetful boys are driving me crazy though.  I am simplifying what I started, and hoping to actually follow through on a system that includes just the bare minimum requirements for each child:  the daily things, the things that don’t seem to happen unless I remind, all the while really annoying me because I am having to remind in the first place!  I am close to being finished.  So, I am happy about that.

Sometimes I wish the organize your life fairy would come spend a weekend with me.  I completely understand why there are people out there who do that for a living.  I’m guessing I would sidetrack her though and we’d end up taking a little walk to peek at the bees, talking with Jonny about his latest great idea, or knitting while talking about what we ate for dinner last night.  I might try being really organized for a few days, but it wouldn’t work for me or our family dynamic.  I think it’s really best just to do the best that I can and accept that life is never going to be perfectly organized, and certainly not my life.  Neither Jonny, nor I are wired that way.  We start projects, spin a few circles (or a dozen) and then do our best to finish most of what we start.  We get the necessary things accomplished, but not necessarily on any set schedule.  We are also happy people, and it’s best to embrace who we are and not try to make extreme changes that are in opposition to our personality types or our abilities.  That might set us up for failure and make us unhappy.  But, surely I can finish this chore system, because I think it’s important and it sure would be helpful.

p.s.  Several of you asked about our sweet potatoes last week:  how we are curing and then storing them.  I have researched it a bit, and determined that we aren’t equipped to properly cure or store them.  They are still in the wheelbarrow.  I am going to layer them in newspaper this week, try to make room in our pantry for most of them, and then hope for the best.  I do know that they are best if you wait a couple of months to eat them.  Hopefully they will last that long.