per his request

About a year ago, Keats requested that I knit for him a vest.  He wanted a rainbow striped sort of vest minus pink, purple, or anything closely resembling either of those colors.  Together we searched for yarn and finally settled on a no longer available colorway of Knit Picks Chroma worsted.  Keats bravely cast on a Milo vest by himself, but quickly lost interest.  I wasn’t particularly motivated to knit a giant, crazy, bright Milo myself, so the yarn just sat on a shelf making me feel guilty.  As I excitedly finished up Larkspur’s Bulle and cast on for Beatrix’s, Keats started to lay the guilt on thick.  He needed a vest or he was going to be cold.  Why do I only knit for the girls?  When am I going to finish his vest?  I’m never going to finish his vest, that’s when.

So, I made myself finish it.  I posted details on Ravelry, in case you are interested in sizing up this pattern.  In my case, I actually made it too big (I could wear it myself had I knit it longer, and if I wore brightly striped sweater vests.)  I do believe this vest will continue to fit Keats beyond the time in which he is actually willing to wear this sort of thing.

Next, I am sure I will start getting it from Seth because I haven’t finished his socks.  It’s not my fault that just when I was ready to turn the heels he decided that he wants them to come up to his knees.


  1. what a lovely Milo!!!! I’m actually thinking about knitting one for my son….as soon as I finish my WsIP
    and by the way, I’m a huge fan of your blog……God bless your family…..

  2. I have to laugh! What we mothers do for our children. Knitting something in a colorway we don’t like can be so tedious. It looks great though and he sure was having fun in it!

  3. Wow! What a cool vest and an awesome jump!
    Happy Yarn Along!

  4. You have one very pleased young man on your hands there! Lovely work.

  5. Everything what you knit is perfect. Like it! 🙂

  6. What a handsome young man! +JMJ+

  7. Tell Keats he looks very handsome in his vest! I think a vest is the perfect cool weather garment for a boy, not too hot, and no sleeves to get in the way of things.

  8. I love your blog and everything you do. Your an inspiration to me. Beautiful vest.

  9. I have been having major knitter’s quilt about knitting for girls and not boys’, I am knitting all the girls sweaters for Christmas and haven’t even thought of the boys! Ouch!

  10. Beautiful vest and set of photos!

  11. Alicia in New Zealand says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I have an 11ds who also waits patiently for hand knits. I have searched Ravelry for something I can manage. I purchased the Milo a few weeks ago but am not experienced enough to figure out how to upsize (is that a word?) it. Thank you to Keats for asking his Mom to share.

    Alicia in New Zealand

  12. I knit for my girls more too. But that is because they love hand knit stuff! My boys not so much. Although my youngest is all about orange and yellow so if I make himself that contains that, he is all over it!

  13. I love this!! I don’t know how to knit, but need to learn….my problem is that I want to start with amazing things things beyond that of a beginner!!

  14. I love that he’s wearing a vest like this, so cute! My 4 1/2 year old son doesn’t like to wear the sweaters I knit for him because he’s always too hot. He’ll wear socks I knit him, but I just might give a knit vest a try for him. Thanks for the motivation.

  15. i have 7 grands i would LOVE to knit for……best i get is, please, Grandma—some clothes for my American Girl doll. (right now they are 9 and under…..i guess i better be careful what i wish for; we’re closely approaching some big people sized garments!!!)

    your knits are wonderful—-as always!

  16. That second to last picture is so sweet and touching…like he is telling his brother to chase!

  17. You are lucky, blessed. My boys would never wear hand knits. I’m glad you were able to get it off the needles and get rid of the guilt monster!

  18. How awesome is it that your boys want to wear your beautiful knitting!? Very cool.

  19. Perfect! He looks very pleased:)

  20. Brilliant vest!!! AND how great is it that your knitting is in demand! I always love knitting things that the family have know they will be appreciated.

    Happy autumn days.
    Fleur xx

  21. I think the vest fits pretty good! You wouldn’t want it too snug, then he would not wear it. I love the bright colors now you can find him throughout the yard easily 😀

  22. Great pictures of Keats! Do ever tell what your camera settings are for your pics.
    The vest looks great on Keats and perfect colors.

  23. I used Chroma for a Milo for Gemma, and it worked out nicely…I also knit it too big; knit it last year and she is wearing it this year.

    I knit for Gemma more than anyone else. I think it’s that she’s small and thus things knit up more quickly!

  24. Oh, my! What a honey. Sage, too, is awaiting his vest that I just can’t seem to cast on. Because, well, it’s grey. And simple. And big! Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Thinking about it…while I would prefer the grey vest, I guess knitting crazy self striping yarn is more fun during the actual knitting part.

  25. I want to know where his cool shoes are from!

    The vest looks great, and great on Keats!

  26. That’s a sweet vest…very lively and bright. I bet he’ll put it to good use.

  27. Wow, it’s Jonny Jr 😉 Such awesome shots and an awesome vest!

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