in pursuit of peak color

Peaking over my shoulder, Jonny just teased, “So you’re sharing photos from Big Meadow….again.”

Yes, I am.

Monday afternoon we made the last minute decision get in the van and head for Skyline drive.  The fall color was supposed to be peaking and we didn’t want to miss it.  We also really needed to get out of the house.  For those of you living in cramped quarters, you will understand that even on the best of days, things are extremely cozy.  On the worst of days, for instance, on day 13 of a remodeling project, it’s sometimes best just to leave.  So we did.

The sky darkened as we neared the mountains and then rain began to pour.  It didn’t last long though and then there were two rainbows!  All in all we drove two hours each way to spend about an hour driving slowly down Skyline drive and about an hour on Big Meadow.  We watched the sunset and lingered until darkness drove us back to the van.  We arrived home to our trashed house around 11 p.m.

We are back up to two functioning toilets now and our washer and dryer are back in place.  There is still more work to do, but we are past the hardest point of the project.

A little news:

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Finally, Alicia’s wonderful news.  I don’t know Alicia personally, but admire her work (and am loving her Winterwoods Sampler!)  I am beyond thrilled for her family.

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  1. I am new to your blog and have been reading off and on today trying to catch up. When I saw the photos, I said to myself, “that looks like Skyline Drive and that meadow we stopped at”. And surprise, it is. I live in Tennessee about 2 hours from Virginia and the Hubs and I have done the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive a couple of times. So great to see them again. Such happy photos of your family.


  2. Autumn colors just bring me such peace. Love all your photos. It must have been an amazing day.

  3. I love that orange sweater on Bea. Your photos are so gorgeous you can share them every day!! Please.

  4. We are going to skyline drive on Sunday with my inlaws from Texas. I can’t wait now that I saw your beautiful photos!

  5. beth lehman says:

    oh, i NEVER tire of you photos of skyline drive and big meadows… it helps me breathe easier…. what a magnificent place…. i guess it’s 2 1/2 hours from us… and my kids have never been there…!

  6. Gorgeous photos!

  7. lovable

  8. I think we are going to go searching out the peak olors this weekend. I love Virginia and Maryland in the fall. I’m loving that pic of Johnny with Bea in the Ergo and Silas in his arms. Love it. Aren’t dads the best? And that little Silas – I had to do a double take. He is getting so grown up. My youngest is just a few weeks older than Silas and aren’t they just the cutest at this age? I think so.

  9. Oh wowee – look at that amazing gorgeous light. And those lovely hand-knits 🙂

  10. Ginny,
    These pictures are amazing!
    My favorite picture is the one with Silas, Jonny, and Beatrix. It melts the heart.

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    (Hooray for two working toilets and a washer and dryer again!)


  11. Tell Jonny that the girl who just moved from MD to TX, appreciates the photos so that she can still see her home in vivid splendor! It is 90 degrees here today and I am so homesick for the NE I could cry! Thanks for sharing these photos, it’s my NE-fix for the week.
    Ps…I have told you before, and I will again, I adore that orange sweater of B’s! The color is stunning.

  12. So gorgeous! There’s something about the warm colors of autumn blended with the chill in the air that’s just lovely.

  13. Just truly beautiful photos. So worth your time and energy. Thank you for sharing these.

  14. I love these pictures and have been mentally comparing them to our English autumn. In some ways the same but there is a differentness and an intensity of colour that we don’t have. A real refreshment on a rainy, dark evening.

  15. Beautiful pictures, only thing that would have made them more beautiful is an Obama/Biden sign instead! 🙂

  16. That first picture! It’s my favorite!!!

  17. Beautiful, Ginny! 😀 That second one of Jonny holding Bea and Silas just melts my heart.

  18. Oh! Magical. Thank you so very much for sharing.

  19. i have been wanting to drive up to big meadows for months now, because you keep posting pictures of it! somehow we always just keep sticking close to home when we head to the mountain tops. next year, though, i think that we are going to have to take a camping trip at big meadows. your photographs are stunning, ginny.

  20. Gorgeous photos!

  21. So beautiful!
    I told the kids today that we were going to take a bike ride down to the river to look at the amazing colors. Clincher: they could use my camera to take some photos.
    Silence coursed through the house.
    Mama’s camera?
    Oh, yes!

  22. Now that we are just back in Arizona from our adventures, I am sad to be missing the colors of Big Meadow. Just a gloriously, beautiful place. And yes, sometimes wide open spaces are just the right thing(in VA, our family shared a one bedroom apt for four months. It works fine and we actually came o love it, but some days we needed to run)

  23. Oh my goodness. I need the mountains STAT! Gorgeous photographs!

  24. beautiful! I especially love the one of the sun setting in the field… I have a bit of an obsession about capturing light in photos… you never know exactly what you’ll get. I love that 😉

  25. That’s a great color for Bea.

  26. Ginny, these photos are breathtaking!!

  27. So glad that the project is over half way done. Second toilet and washer/dryer can go a long way to making a very happy home. Lovely photos and what an outing. Love the hand knits 🙂

  28. What beautiful pictures of the mountains! +, your knitting matches everything perfectly. Thank you for letting us in on your day! 🙂

  29. I love your pictures of the Big Meadow!

  30. Such wonderful fall photographs. October is a beautiful month. Thanks for sharing these photos. Sounds like a relaxing and enriching family outing.

  31. How lovely, I think if I lived anywhere near Big Meadow I’d go there very often.

  32. I love the golden hour of light where everything glows!

  33. Beautiful Autumn colour… Your photographs captured so much joy (and I am feeling the bathroom would not have given that much having stayed home)! xx

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