Friday things

(water popsicle sharing)



(playing “store”)

(scarf weather is here)

Just a few bits to share today:

I started a Facebook page for Small Things awhile back, but haven’t mentioned it here yet.  You can reach it via the little brown circle in the sidebar with the “F” on it (in case that isn’t obvious to some of you.)  I am not very active on Facebook in general.  I am more of an occasional lurker there because it seems that lots of important news and such is announced via Facebook these days, but I don’t have time to engage with other people there very often.  However, I am thinking that I may use the Small Things page to post occasional knitterly things, project updates, and who knows what else.  We’ll see how it goes.

I am giving up Saturday Garden Journal for now.  My shoulder is preventing me from doing any gardening, and Jonny is too busy with work and projects to devote any time to it either.  I am going to do my best to shift my focus away from my garden because I don’t even think we will get around to do doing the usual things we usually do to get it all ready for winter.  I’ve removed the garden mesh from all the beds except the one with garlic planted in it, giving the chickens free range.  We will re-evaluate this spring.  Anything that does happen garden wise will just be mentioned in a regular post (There are still sweet potatoes to be dug, and lima beans are still going strong.)  If you enjoy participating in a garden journal, Rach hosts one each week on her blog.

The scarf I am wearing above is from one of my new sponsors, Connected in Hope.  I will share more about them next month, but I love, love, love their mission (and the hand made scarves!) and wanted you to know that you can use the code SMALLTHINGS to receive 10% off in their shop indefinitely.  Each scarf is handmade in Ethiopia, and all sales support the women who make them (Connected in Hope is non-profit.)  The accompanying card includes the handwritten name of the woman who created it.  I recently received three scarves and wrote the name of each artist in my journal, so that I wouldn’t forget them (the one in the photo was made by Godesse.)

I noticed that Jackie is offering 20% off your entire Luna Grey yarn order when one or more of your skeins contains the color orange.  Use the code “Halloween20” at checkout.  The offer is good through October 31.

There will be a giveaway here tomorrow, so be sure and stop by!  Happy Weekend!



  1. I’m feeling a bit special – you don’t know how this blessed me… just wrote a post about it! xx

  2. Oh my, Ginny, I feel almost famous! It’s funny when you read a blog for a long time and I would never have guessed you would have popped over to my little world in blogland! Here I am reading on a rainy Saturday morning her in Australia and see my name pop up! I hope your shoulder is okay! It feels like Autumn here, albeit meant to be Spring… so lots of gardening to be had… maybe we could swap with the seasons? xxx Rach

  3. I really love the Connected in Hope message. Beautiful scarf!

  4. Ginny,
    Have a great weekend!

    My mom and sister will be visiting and we’re going to be celebrating Bracken’s 2nd Birthday. Last night I was reading through my journal for him where I wrote his birth story and it was making me tear up. The miracle of it all still amazes me.


  5. Now I know what part of my cross stitch I’ll have to tackle next–that tea kettle is so pretty!

  6. i’m sorry your shoulder is bothering you so much. that is a shame. and i will miss the saturday garden journal.. i loved seeing what everyone was up too.

  7. Thanks for sharing the Conncted in Hope website! I just bought a lovely light blue scarf and a market basket to give as a gift to a friend!

    I love that my little girl thinks water popsicles are the greatest thing. She likes to try and share them with me!

  8. The scarf looks great! We are thrilled to be partnering with Small Things to spread the word about these amazing, talented women!

    Connected in Hope

  9. Your top photo is priceless Ginny! I can almost hear the sounds coming from your home as y’all go about your day, thank you for sharing.

  10. I was going to ask where your scarf came from, because I adore it. What a lovely organization; thank you so much for sharing their Web site! xo

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