an early fall walk

p.s.  There was a little accident.  Jonny spent today ripping out more of the bathroom, and a water line was cut in the process.  Jonny claims that a troll living under the house knocked his saw.  After many hours and a good bit of nail biting, the pipe is repaired now.  We are back on track, although I am not sure what that means.  I am very thankful for running water.

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  1. luv the findings in your basket.

  2. such beauty!

  3. Oh, your pictures always make my heart feel a bit more serene.

  4. Hi, Ginny, I wanted to ask you, do you knit on Sundays? Is knitting considered some kind of labor? I consider it more like something relaxing that I enjoy, but if I ask my grandmother, she says that we must not sew or knit etc on Sundays… Please, help me with an answer…
    Thank you!

    • Yes, I do!

      • thank you for your answer, I guess the Orthodox Christians are more conservative than the Catholics regarding these issues… which I personally don’t like, but what can I do 🙂
        Happy knitting to you 🙂
        Love your blog!

        • Ramona, at our Orthodox parish there are typically 2-5 women knitting during coffee hour after Liturgy each Sunday. I imagine that when your grandmother was young knitting was a necessity instead of a luxury- and therefore something to be abstained from on a day of rest. I know that in my life, knitting is an activity of leisure- something that I can only do when my ‘work’ (laundry etc.) is complete. If I knitted for money or under duress of some kind, I hope that I would put my needles down on Sunday. Probably best not to offend your grandmother in any case… 🙂

          • well, my grandmother doesn’t stay with me, nor my mother, to see what I do on Sunday 🙂 so maybe next time I’ll stop feeling guilty and do something that I enjoy so much… Thank you for your answer, Amy!

  5. Love your fall photos. I find myself missing the north so badly at times like this. One day we will head back!

  6. Beautiful pictures! Best of luck with the bathroom.

  7. Buckeyes are good luck!!! That bathroom will be done in no time. (my fingers are still crossed for you!)

  8. Gorgeous photos! I’m glad to hear the water line was fixed so quickly.

  9. that little basket of treasures is lovely. what are those berries?
    and YES running water is AMAZING. when ever i am in a funky spot, i always remember the blessing of running, drinkable water.

  10. We have a wild berry that can’t be eaten that reminds me of those but they are a lavender and not that beautiful blue! It’s so striking! (blue is my favorite color btw) I hope he served the trolls their eviction notice before they cause more renovation mayhem!

  11. Beautiful photos Ginny and of course, it must have been a troll 😉

    We had a water pipe burst in the roof above our library last winter, that wasn’t fun, so I am happy for you your running water is back.
    Have a peaceful weekend

  12. running water is a miracle in itself 😉

    love your fall-pictures. I think fall is a bit further here, at least in temperatures. Some of us are wearing their wintercoats already…
    I placed a cross stitch fall freebie on my blog, maybe you’ll like it. Or not, thats okay of course. I think Larkspur can learn to cross stitch too. I learnt it early on.

  13. Last December we had a leak under our floors in both of our bathrooms and had to rip them both out and replace the floors and one vanity. We had tile guys here until dinner time on Christmas Eve finishing the job! I hope we never have to do that again!

  14. Oh, Ginny. Been there done that. Not the water pipe but ripping out bathrooms, sub floor included. Bathrooms are so messy. I am trying to talk my husband into redoing our bathroom. He did the kids’ bath a year ago and we put tile 2/3 the way up the walls from the tile floor. I love the cleanness of it.

    I hope your renovation goes smoothly from here out. There always has to be at least one big mishap.

  15. What an absolutely gorgeous place you live in!
    Have a great weekend!

  16. Once we redid a bathroom down to the studs, it was a lot of work! I was amazed at how dirty everything was while the ripping out occurred. Hopefully you will be looking at a brand new floor shortly 🙂

  17. Beautiful images. Very inviting.
    Good news the water is repaired.

  18. Oh, those fun loving trolls and their practical jokes! Glad you are back on track and have running water.

  19. Oye! Glad you have water again. Just for a giggle, you can tell Jonny about my dad who recently installed new lighting in the kitchen. When they had house guests, they noticed a leak in the ceiling near his work. It seemed to coincide with toilet flushing. Sure enough when running the electrical, my dad had drilled straight through the sewer return. Not only that, but he ran the electrical wire right through it. YUCK

  20. Beautiful pictures….I’m glad your water is back, it is no fun to have the bathroom out of commission. Just curious, what are the brown prickly pod-like things in the basket?

    • sweet gum “balls”…sweet gum trees shed those (our yard is filled with them and it’s oh so annoying and painful when you step on one!)

  21. Sorry to be ignorant but are the berries in the photo blueberries? We are in England where they don’t grow wild. We have some bushed but they have to be grown in special compost as our soil is too alkali for the bushes to survive. Must show that picture to my children when we next read “Blueberries for Sal.”

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