Archives for October 29, 2012


I am vacillating between denial and exaggeration regarding this hurricane.  I have done my best to soak in the beautiful color these past days, knowing that the wind and rain ahead will strip the trees of their gorgeous autumn cloaks.  I realize that that should be the least of my worries.

We have done much to get ready:

I cleaned and organized my craft desk and my yarn stash.  (first things first.)
Jonny cleaned the chimney.  The kids dug the sweet potatoes from the garden.
I made a proper meal on Saturday, and we invited a friend to share it with us.  (You must try Molly’s Vegetable Korma recipe!)
Everyone has clean sheets on their beds, and laundry is caught up.  (Being caught up on the laundry only lasts about twelve hours of course.)
We have propane for the grill and lamp oil for the lanterns.
I charged my tiny mp3 player and it’s little speaker, and loaded it with the appropriate:  Stormy, Misty’s Foal.
We will take the precaution of boarding up our downstairs windows and moving our little ones downstairs to sleep at night because of the large, love to break maple trees that flank the front of our home. I really hate that though, it’s so depressing.
There are lots of other things, I am sure.  Larkspur carefully swept her little outdoor home, not discouraged at all by the fact that the wind will soon sweep in and undo her work.
And in the midst of our preparations, probably the last snake find of the season:  a red bellied snake.  (that’s it’s real name. they only grown to about 12 inches long.)
If I am honest, I am a little nervous about this storm.  The fact that has been featuring the headline, “Terrifying Monster Storm” doesn’t help.  We are south of where the eye is being projected to hit but those weather people are warning us not to pay attention that sort of thing.  My prayers are with all of you in Sandy’s path.

Stay safe, all of you!!