Archives for October 23, 2012

per his request

About a year ago, Keats requested that I knit for him a vest.  He wanted a rainbow striped sort of vest minus pink, purple, or anything closely resembling either of those colors.  Together we searched for yarn and finally settled on a no longer available colorway of Knit Picks Chroma worsted.  Keats bravely cast on a Milo vest by himself, but quickly lost interest.  I wasn’t particularly motivated to knit a giant, crazy, bright Milo myself, so the yarn just sat on a shelf making me feel guilty.  As I excitedly finished up Larkspur’s Bulle and cast on for Beatrix’s, Keats started to lay the guilt on thick.  He needed a vest or he was going to be cold.  Why do I only knit for the girls?  When am I going to finish his vest?  I’m never going to finish his vest, that’s when.

So, I made myself finish it.  I posted details on Ravelry, in case you are interested in sizing up this pattern.  In my case, I actually made it too big (I could wear it myself had I knit it longer, and if I wore brightly striped sweater vests.)  I do believe this vest will continue to fit Keats beyond the time in which he is actually willing to wear this sort of thing.

Next, I am sure I will start getting it from Seth because I haven’t finished his socks.  It’s not my fault that just when I was ready to turn the heels he decided that he wants them to come up to his knees.