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Gypsy Forest Handmade giveaway!

Today’s giveaway is from Stephinie of Gypsy Forest Handmade.  I am excited to introduce you to Stephinie, whom you may know from her blog where she shares bits and pieces of life with her family of six.  You can follow her on the Gypsy Forest Facebook page for both blog and shop updates!  I asked her to share a little about her shop and how she got started:

Gypsy Forest Handmade offers beautifully crafted organic quilts, hand-dyed play silks & other artful bits.  Fresh items in the shop this fall include patchwork doll quilts and reversible aprons for children.  Silk Fort Kits are coming the end of the month!  My simple handmade shop allows me to contribute a wee bit to the needs of my family while doing something I love. The most rewarding part of all is wrapping up something made with love and sending it out to the home of my customers. Knowing other families out there are bringing something I created into their home for swaddling their sweet baby or playing with their children truly makes my heart sing.


The spindrift quilt is the heart of Gypsy Forest Handmade. The first quilt was sewn up for our youngest of four children. He was born in a town by the rocky sea, and I hoped to capture the waves in the soft curving edge of his quilt. After some trial and error, I had created just what I had imagined. A lovely curvy edged whole cloth quilt. This first quilt is still his favorite, four years later.


At the gentle push from friends gifted with my curvy edged quilts for their little ones, I opened up Gypsy Forest Handmade.  I pulled the name from my blog, and our “gypsy” lifestyle of moving every two to four years.  Balancing my work with family life and homeschooling is a juggling act, but mostly always an enjoyable one.  I’m grateful to contribute to the needs of my family by doing something I love.


I truly believe things we bring into our home should be functional, beautiful, and made to last.  I create everything in my shop with this criteria in mind.  Everything is made from natural materials, many of the quilts are sewn entirely of organic cotton,  and my silks are dyed with eco-friendly dyes.  Of course, the best part of all is knowing another little person out there is loving up a special quilt, play-silk, or learning to cook with their very own apron.  These thoughts always warm my heart as I wrap up a handmade to send off to my customers.




Stephinie is offering TWO Small Things readers a set of her beautiful autumn foliage play silks.  Each set contains three 21″ by 21″  silks, hand dyed by Stephinie with eco-friendly dyes.  Play silks are fantastic for open ended play!  My girls play with them nearly every single day!  For your chance to win, leave a comment on this post.  Comments will close Monday evening  Comments are closed and two winners will be announced within this post.  Stephinie is also offering 10% off everything in her shop through October 27 with the code “GYPSY10.”


The winners are Traci: “My girls would love those playsilks. To play tea, or pirates, or gnomes, or anything else they come up with.”  and Deanne:  “Love Gypsy Forest and these colours are stunning!”

Thanks Stephinie!

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