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Springtree Road giveaway!

Today’s giveaway is from the lovely Maya of Springtree Road.  Maya sells gorgeous hand dyed (by her!) yarn in her shop, and also shares words and photos on her blog.  You can follow her on Facebook as well for news on shop updates and more.

(Navarre Sock, left to right: Capsica, Leafy Seadragon, Tanis)

Maya welcomed a new baby into her family this year, and she’s offering a new yarn club as well, so I asked her to share a little about both with us today.

(vest knit in Philomath Worsted in Silver Screen)

How are you balancing your business with having a new baby in the family?

To-do lists and a good calendar are a must; they help me organize things into bite-sized chunks so that I can see progress and not get overwhelmed. My daughter helps me a lot by entertaining the baby for very brief periods of time so I can tie up yarns for dyeing. My mom watches both kids while I dye. Our Baby Bjorn has been essential – I can mail a package with a baby strapped to my chest! One thing I learned from having my first child, who is now almost 7, is that babies grow quickly and schedules change often. Nap time today probably won’t be nap time next month. This baby that wants to be with me every second of the day right now will decide at some point that his dad is a much more appealing character. Until then I know he wants all mama, all the time. And that’s A-OK with me! I’m soaking in every last baby snuggle while I can. With each passing month, I know my life will never be exactly like this again, whatever “this” is (good or bad) at any given moment. Knowing that helps me shake off stress and just get on with it. You have to be flexible and keep your eye on what’s coming up next. I know my limits and set boundaries for myself based on that. Because I’m the person who really wants to stay up until 2am to get things done, but of course that’s counterproductive in the end.

(Coquina DK in Chocolat and Red Delicious)

Can you tell us about your yarn club?

Yes! Most yarn clubs that I’ve seen around offer 3-, 6-, or 12-month options, and I have done it that way before myself. I thought I’d try something a little different, something a bit more flexible. So I’ve set it up so that you can purchase the club yarns by the month. Right now I’ve got 3 months available at a time, but that may change in the future. You can order one, two, or three months of the club, and the number of skeins you’d like for each individual month. Then when that month rolls around, you get your surprise color of yarn in your mailbox. The yarn bases I’ll be using are announced ahead of time. I really like the idea of giving the customer what she or he wants. Though there are some limitations on that because I have such a small business, in other ways the possibilities are endless.

(Philomath worsted in cattail)

(Muscadine sock in yonderly)

For today’s giveaway Maya is offering the above pictured skein of Muscadine sock yarn in her gorgeous “yonderly” colorway.  For your chance to win, simply leave a comment on this post.  Comments will close, and a winner will be chosen via random number generator on Monday, October 8.  The winner will be announced within this post.

Use the code AUTUMN at checkout to receive free shipping on all orders placed between now and 11:59 p.m. on Monday, October 8.

Thank you, Springtree Road!

Comments are closed and the winner is Heather:  “I still haven’t tried her yarn. I think that needs to change soon”