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while we were out

(We’ve had these parquetry blocks since Seth was little.  They are a favorite.)

The kids and I arrived home from shopping yesterday to discover that Jonny had started to rip out our downstairs bath and laundry room.  Our second toilet is now on the front porch.  I am praying that this project doesn’t take forever because eight people sharing one bathroom (that happens to be in my bedroom) is going to be a challenge.  I am really excited about the prospect of not having to apologize for the absolute horrible condition of our downstairs bathroom though.  When my sister visited recently, she looked at the broken tile, and felt the spongy floor underneath and exclaimed, “Ooooh, this is new!”  The way she said it confused me momentarily, because she sounded like she was commenting on something good, and I couldn’t think of anything good about that bathroom.  Then my brain turned on and I realized she was kidding.  Because I wasn’t expecting Jonny to actually start ripping things out while I was gone, I don’t have any good “before” pictures.  I pray there will be “after” pictures soon.  The previous owners didn’t install the tile correctly, so Jonny has to replace everything, even the subfloor.  This is a big job.

We were shopping for groceries, shoes, and mugs yesterday.  Every single mug we own was broken a couple of days ago in an unfortunate accident, not to be confused with the incident in which every single bowl we own was broken.  We got the groceries, we found mugs at the thrift store (and a little red egg cup!) but no shoes.  Shoes for this many is a challenge.

The granola pictured above is Molly’s grain free granola except we made it with chia seeds instead of sesame, and maple syrup instead of honey.  We omit the flaxseed and the almond extract and add a bit of cinnamon.  It’s great with plain yogurt. (recipe HERE.)