Jonny’s making quilt plans

for quilt

Today Jonny is guest hosting Needle and Thread over at my dear friend Elizabeth’s blog. So, please pop over read about what we’re up to.

needle and thREAD


  1. Oh please tell Jonny that the one and only real quilting project I have done was a log cabin square following the very same pattern in Patchwork Style. I only had enough scraps to make one square so I made a pillow out of it but I LOVE it! He sooo has this covered!!

  2. I am so glad that I got to see this new post of Jonny’s. I missed the last computer was on vacation at the Geek Squad.
    As for having, “focus issues” I totally understand. I think that is why many of us knitters have at least 2-3 different projects on hand. That way you never get bored doing the same thing over and over. You always have an escape project..

  3. Great post Johny! I laughed so much with Heather Robert!
    I have a quilt question. I’ve set my mind that I’m going to do a rug quilt. I have all the materials and tools, but I’m stuck on how to cut the squares of the back fabric. For the top I bought fat quarters, so there’s no problem there. But I don’t know how to properly cut the squares for the backing. Any suggestions?

  4. That post was all kinds of awesome. Jonny is a highly evolved male. 🙂

  5. Jonny’s article was great! I can so identify with his attention disorder or malfunction. I suffer from it too. I have all the attention in the world on something until I lose it. Then it’s pure pain to try to drag it back. Good luck on your quilt. I made quilted placemats and table runners for Christmas last year but that’s the extent of my quilting experience. My girlfriend has three in the works. She’s sewing the edge binding on one so she’s almost finished with it, has the next one almost to that phase, and the third one is still in the 14-inch block stage but it has a lot of embroidery on it. Anyway I should attempt a quilt sometime too. Just not so sure I want to tackle something that big. Good luck!!!

  6. LOL
    Have fun planning and making this already unique quilt! Good luck with it…

  7. Jonny is getting to be quite a good blogger. I totally identify with the focus thing. Happy quilting!

  8. hilarious post.
    after your inspiration and making the first quilt for my soon to be nephew, i am making plans for a few other quilts myself. my MIL let me borrow her sewing machine, so i am all set!

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