Yarn Along (special guest post)

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Yarn Along

Hello Ladies.  Jonny here.  That’s right.  Now it makes sense doesn’t it?  When you first looked at the picture you were thinking, “Wow, Ginny’s knitting sure is a little frumpy this week”.  But, now you’re thinking, “Wow, that sure is some nice knitting for a really handsome, tough, sensitive, creative, brave and smart man”.  And, you would be right.  It is some nice knitting.

So, I’ve started knitting.  I’ve tried it before.  I once tried to knit a dishcloth with some peaches and cream (I know that you know what I’m talking about…but, I really want to add that it’s a cotton yarn although Ginny has assured me that it would be frivolous).   Anyway, I hated it.  I wanted to throw it at some point because my stiches were so uneven.  Some were loose, some were tight.  It was a horrible scene all around.  But, throwing it wouldn’t have even given me the satisfaction I was looking for.  Yarn doesn’t make a big loud noise when it hits the wall.  The needles may have made a small “tink”, but that would have hardly been worth the effort.  So, I frogged that mutha!  All the way back to nothing.  And it felt so right.

Fast forward to now.  I’ve been convinced by a rather extraordinary woman to pick it up again.  Truthfully, I want to do it so that she’ll think I’m cute.  But, I won’t tell her that.  I’ll let her think I’m doing it because there’s nothing better than the feel of a good worsted weight yarn (Ginny here.  He’s knitting with Blue Sky Alpacas organic cotton) on the needles.  So, for the past week I’ve been knitting.  And let me tell you something.  I’m quite the knitter now.  After trying many different ways to hold the string in my right hand, I’ve come up with a way to wrap it around my “tall man” finger two times that gives me the feel of control I need so I can apply proper tension to get consistent stiches.  My first project was cast on by the aforementioned extraordinary woman and handed over to me.  I battled with the knit stich and conquered it.  The extraordinary woman taught me how to bind off.  I battled with it some more.  I couldn’t really figure out how to use my left hand differently than when doing the knit stich.   But, I persevered, and I ended up with a really nice edge.  My first Finished Object!

I now have another dishcloth on the needles.  Keats taught me how to cast on.  So, I’ll be working on that one now.  I guess I’ll need to start a Ravelry page soon….

I’ve been reading the same book for a while, Confessions of a Bad Beekeeper.  This guy seems to be an English version of myself; it’s easy to be a moron.  Although, I haven’t been stung on the ear just yet.

So, because I’m totally dying to know, what are you peeps reading and knitting?


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  1. ROFLOL!!!! This is GREAT!! Nice to “meet” your husband.

  2. AWESOME. That is all. 🙂

  3. Thank you for making me smile. So well said. My husband teases me if I even discuss knitting in too much detail.

  4. Best thing I’ve read all day. Hands Down. Thank you for the big smile I’m wearing…

  5. Stellar!!!!!

  6. You are so cute…I was (am) grinning fro ear to ear…love you guys!

  7. Love this! So funny!

  8. Loved it! 😀

  9. So great, yay Jonny! My husband has learned to knit but the yarn is still sitting on the needles somewhere. But he is actually the one who helped me learn to crochet about 15 years ago. He recently found an old hat he had made and has been wearing at around the house. And he is way better at spinning on a drop spindle than I am so far!

  10. Elisabeth says:

    What an OUTSTANDING post! I am so showing my husband. Best wishes with your knitting. I’ll be favorite-ing your knitting on Ravelry! And a high fives to The Amazing Wife and the Most Talented Teacher of Casting On, Keats, for their support and inspiration.

  11. Johnny, you just made my day! Thank you sir!

  12. Oh Jonny, thanks for that chuckle. Does the heart good it does, does the heart good.

  13. I’m showing it to my husband too! I LOVE your guest posting!

  14. Real men knit!

  15. Jonny,
    I’m glad you were convinced to try knitting again! My husband Jeff wants to learn. I’ll show him this post and it might help inspire him more.

    You are hilarious. Thanks for cracking me up.
    Humor is one of the greatest things in life.


  16. I love when Jonny posts, they’re always hysterical. Great job! I wish I had someone to teach me because youtube videos don’t quite cut it.

  17. Is there no end to this guy’s talents!!!
    Thanks for the fun read.

  18. I love that you (Jonny) are knitting!

  19. This is great! Way to go for getting your men (because there are two) to knit. Hurray Ginny! 🙂

  20. It took me up to now from morning to finish reading it, but love this post, I’m knitting a Totoro hat for a class I give online and I’m still reading your Six Year Old and The Lonely Polygamist.

  21. I love it. That’s just what I did last night, “I frogged that mutha!” Then I made another mistake and “I frogged that mutha again,” wrapped the thread around the ball and went to bed. Its still waiting for me.

    Great guest appearance, it made me laugh.

  22. Hilarious post this week! Are you an entire family of knitters?

    As always, thanks for hosting!

  23. This is great! Thanks for sharing!

  24. Loved this post (:

  25. Jonny, it is good to hear that you are so comfortable in your masculinity:) You and Thomas should get together for a knitting group. You and Ginny are a good team and it shows in your children. Keep up the good work!

  26. That was a nice surprise! Great post!
    And from the picture I wouldn’t have been able to tell! 🙂

  27. What a fantastic post! Well done, Jonny and Ginny. This post put a huge smile on my face 🙂

  28. Great post! I love Jonny’s sense of humor.

    Ginny, let me tell you what a lucky woman you are. Not only does your husband want to learn how to knit (and I imagine he takes an interest in the things you do), but he calls you an EXTRAORDINARY WOMAN!!! I’ve never been called an extraordinary *anything*. You’d better be swooningl. 😉

  29. well done you, but its yarn not string!! I must show this post to my husband, he knitted at school many moons ago but says its for girls!

  30. Congratulations for the idea!
    Is a problem if I don’t knit as you do? I stitch gobelins.
    If I am not fit into the group just let me know and I’ll understand. It will be no problem.
    Thank you!

  31. I love it! Perhaps one of the best knitting guest posts ever 🙂

    (and I’m totally showing it to my husband, who is thus far knitting needle phobic)

  32. Oh my goodness! Great knitting and can you convince my husband to start knitting too? 🙂

  33. Great post, hope you enjoy your knitting!

  34. This was one awesome funny post!! I’m gonna have to have my hubby read it. Haha!

  35. Well done Jonny! I taught my husband to knit a few winters ago. It never stuck, but he did learn to make dishcloths well. Next step is making your own hats!

  36. Hey Jonny,

    It might be too late now that you have a good, working system, but it sounds like you might enjoy Continental Knitting like me. The working yarn gets woven through your left hand fingers. For me, it’s much easier, more even stitches, and a little faster, too!

    Great work!

  37. The book looks so funny!

  38. hahaheehee, jonny you are awesome.

  39. Loved this post Ginny and Jonny!

    I was completely shocked a short time ago when my own hubby announced that his grandmother taught him how to knit and crochet. He just chooses not to do it. His loss, I say.

    Jonny, you and Ginny are welcome to sit around the table at Panera Bread on Thursday night with my knitting group anytime you all are in the New Haven, Connecticut area. 😉

  40. “I frogged that mutha!” Actually made me laugh out loud…hilarious!

  41. I love this post! Hilarious. If only I could convince my husband to start knitting . . . but then he’d probably make me take up pool playing in return!

  42. perfect post! 🙂

  43. Dear Ginny and Jonny…Last night I tried to nap between my 4 year old daughter and my 2 year old night weaning son. It was not an easy go last night…I say nap because we don’t really and truly sleep much here. My 6 year old wanders in and wakes my husband, but that’s his deal, usually. So, this morning, when I was awoken from one of my 45 minute “naps” to loud whispering beside my head…I was not too sunshiney. I said aloud, “Oh, will you please humour me here?!” ~ like little ones know what that means. Apparently you two do, though. I really really needed this this morning. Absolutely hilarious. One tough mudder knitting…is that part of the race? How was the race? I’ve asked a few times and would love to know. Maybe Jonny might knit up some uniforms next time for the event? Just a suggestion, you know, moving on from washcloths and all. (My own husband is waiting on a knit thneed).
    xo Jules

    • Hi Jules, the race has yet to happen…it will be in early September…I’ll let you (and everyone else) know how it turns out…

  44. Awesome post! LOL

  45. Fabulous post! So glad there is a new knitter in your house!

  46. Oh my goodness. I totally want my husband and Jonny to be friends 🙂

  47. Thanks for the morning chuckle…..it came at just the right time. 😉

  48. Wonderful ♥ It’s so nice to hear yarn-words from a husband’s point of view! I don’t know if my dear husband take on this craft, but he’s sure working in the garden a lot, weeding, and sowing new lettuce seeds, watering…

  49. Great post… too funny. Oh- and could you come over and spend a few days with my hubby? I think he could use a little of your influence….. 😉

  50. showing to my husband!