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Wooly Moss Roots giveaway

Today’s giveaway is from my favorite handmade button (and herbal goodness) shop, Wooly Moss Roots.

Jeff, Taryn, and Bracken Wilson live on a small homestead in the Oregon Coastal Range. Their days are dedicated to each other, their family business, and homesteading pursuits.  You can read more about their family at Taryn’s blog.

I asked Taryn to share a little about what she and Jeff are working on right now for their shop.

What’s new in the shop?

For the most part, lots of new buttons! We have an abundance of gorgeous, reclaimed woods to work with right now and we love making buttons… so it’s a good combination. We have buttons in all shapes and sizes for a variety of creative projects and Jeff just finished carving some new tree buttons for the shop too. Those add a really special touch to creative projects.

We’re also excited about a new salve we made with organic herbs from our garden, called ‘Blissful Baby Balm.’ The label features our son Bracken (which he absolutely loves.) We still use our ‘Magical Healing Salve‘ all the time in our home, but are happy to now offer a salve especially for babies. It’s a wonder worker for baby bonks and bruises, and for cuts, scrapes, burns, bug bites, diaper rash, and dry skin. Bracken points to the salve every time he finds a spot that needs some. (Ginny here–I just want to add that I love this salve, and have been reaching for it over my own homemade salve to use on Silas’ bum.)

What else is new? We’ve been playing around with more felting with wool, making pouches and purses. I love knitting and started knitting cowls for the shop, one reason being that I wanted to show different fun creative projects that paired perfectly with our buttons and a simple cowl can be absolutely transformed with a few artisan buttons. I also started making some original watercolor greeting cards with our buttons on them. The inspiration came one morning when I was half awake and I thought “what a fun way to give buttons as gifts to your creative friends!”

In general, we’ve been creating up a storm. We set a goal to have 200 items in our shop by August 1 and we made it! And with the new batch of buttons Jeff is working on right now, we’ll be well over that number soon.

What’s one of your goals this year?

One of our goals this year is to sell our handmade wooden buttons in yarn shops around the world! We’ve been talking about the process behind making them, letting people know that they are high-quality artisan buttons… specialty buttons… and that a lot goes into making each and every one. We want people to know that when they pour their time and energy into making very special handmade items, that we’ll provide very special buttons to go right along with them.

We have our buttons in a lovely yarn shop in Oregon and we’d love to see them in many more. To help us reach this goal, we are offering an ongoing deal. Here’s how it works: if you love our buttons and you have a favorite local yarn shop (or several) where you’d like to see them, let the yarn shop know about our buttons by passing along our website and letting them know we offer 50% off retail price for wholesale orders. Then send me an e-mail, letting me know your name and the yarn shop you contacted. If they put in a wholesale order with us, you will be rewarded with three sets of buttons of your choice! And we’re happy to make custom buttons for you if you’d like a particular size or type of wood for a project you’re working on. (You can find out more about this offer here.) We’ve had some wonderful enthusiasm about this offer so far and we feel it’s a win win for all, everybody’s happy.

We feel deeply grateful for the appreciation and support we receive from so many wonderful people. It makes what we do a joy!

P.S. I started a Pinterest board showcasing people’s creative projects with our buttons. If you’d like to see a picture of your project there, let me know!

February Lady Sweater

(Ginny here.  I just wanted to show off some Wooly Moss Roots buttons on my February Lady Sweater.  I think I will have to wear it down to my local yarn store and hopefully convince them that they need buttons from Wooly Moss Roots in their shop!)

(these buttons are being given away!)

(and so are two sets of these!)

Jeff and Taryn are offering a coupon code to Small Things Readers.  This is the perfect time to stock up on buttons for your fall and winter knitting projects!  I have an entire cardigan for myself planned around a set of their walnut buttons!
Enter: SMALLTHINGS  and get 15% off for the duration of the giveaway.  This coupon code is good in their Mystic Orb shop too (amazing jewelry in that shop!)

For the giveaway Jeff and Taryn are generously offering the following:

One winner will get:
-1 set of 8 wooden heart buttons in reclaimed purpleheart.
-1 set of 8 wooden buttons in reclaimed rosewood.
-1 regular size salve of their choice

Second winner will get:
-1 set of 8 wooden heart buttons in reclaimed purpleheart.
-1 set of 6 wooden buttons in reclaimed sassafras.
-1 regular size salve of their choice

For a chance to win leave a comment on this post.  For a second chance, “like” Wooly Moss Roots on Facebook and leave me a second comment letting me know that you did so.


Two winners will be chosen via random number generator on Monday evening, August 13.  The winners will be announced within this post.

Comments are closed.  The winners are Amanda: “I adore their buttons and would love a chance to win!!!”  and Sarah Jane, “Love the buttons!”

Thanks Jeff and Taryn!